A Day at the Water Park – Fairy Tail 298

Fairy Tail 298 goes back to the evening of the third day after the awesome fight which Erza  had with those 100 beasts! They all decide to go to a water park where lots of fun and hectic things happen. And as you’d guessed it, Natsu accidentally destroyed everything and Fairy Tail had to leave.

Fairy Tail 298 starts of as Levy tells Erza, Wendy and Lucy about the water park where they can all go and have fun. They all decide to go because after some fighting they get tired and they need a break. They all agree to go. They ask themselves if they should go and tell the master about this, they find out that Makarov and Laxus have both gone somewhere.

Outside their cabin, the stranger who has Zeref’s magic is right outside their door. This person decides to go because they may feel that it’s not the correct time, they seem like they’re crying.

Fairy Tail arrive at the water park, they see the amazing rides and want to get involved straight away. Erza thinks that this is a really good idea so all her injuries get healed. Natsu is already having some fun as he sits on a tiny train powered by water. He reminds himself that it’s a way of transport and gets sick so easily.

Gajeel and Levy join Happy, Lily and Carla. Cana doesn’t bring any swimming suit so she uses her underwear. Mirajane and Lisanna are depressed because they didn’t ask Elfman to come with them. But hiding behind a rock are Elfman and Evergreen hiding from Lisanna and Mirajane.

Elfman tells Evergreen that he doesn’t want them to find out that they came here alone. If they find out it’ll be bad. Elfman tells Evergreen that she wanted to come here in the first place. Evergreen replies that it’s a good change from all the first and such. Both Freed and Bickslow notice that they’re going out.

Juvia tells Gray to go on the Love Slide together, he asks why, she tells him that it’s a slide for people to go while hugging each other, she blushes. He tells her that he doesn’t want to go. Out of nowhere, Lyon arrives and tells Juvia that he’ll take her.

Chelia and Wendy also meet up, Shelia tells Wendy that it was a nice fight and if she got hurt. She tells her no. Shelia tells Wendy that she’s too nice, Wendy tells her that she can’t help it, she’s naturally nice. Both of them go and have some fun.

The Quatro Cerberus guild are also having some fun, they are being wild. Jenny appears from nowhere and undoes Mirajane’s bra! She’s shocked and tries to cover up as quickly as she can. Macao and Wakaba notice them. Jenny does this to get back her for the embarrassment she did at the battlefield.

Jenny goes one higher and pulls down Mirajane’s panties, both Macao and Wakaba receive a nose bleed as what they saw was just too sexy for them. Both Lucy and Erza are chilling on the side while Eve, Ren and Hibiki are talking to them, trying to compliment.

Erza quickly gets angry and tells all of them to stop it because they’ve got other things to do, she’s scolding them all. Ichiya appears but this time Erza doesn’t scold him, he’s just ignored. Ichiya even requests for Erza to scold him.

Lucy notices that Marvis is within the water swimming happily while Laxus and Makarov are bored as they let her play. Erza notices that Jellal is also there, she asks what he’s doing here. Jellal says that he’s sensed a magic source and ended up here.

There is a board where they stick their face out of, Gajeel is a big fish, Happy a smaller fish and Lily a octopus. Levy and Carla laugh at the board as it’s just too funny for them. Everyone is playing, Wendy and Chelia are in the water, Cana is with the Quarto Cerberus Guild.

Laki and Kinana are being chased by Eve, Ren and Hibiki. Gray and Lyon and fighting once again and Natsu and Ichiya are eating their food. Jenny, Lisanna and Mirajane are all talking, Laxus and is talking with Freed and Bickslow while Makarov cheers Marvis on.

Lucy is faced by Flare who calls her by Blondie. Lucy notices why she’s there, she’s suppose to be arrested. She says that she never broke the law, they just questioned about this matter. Lucy asks her what she’s here. She tells her that she came there to say sorry, then she leaves.

Both Natsu and Ichiya are running around when Ichiya falls down, Natsu also trips and flies off upwards. Ichiya also goes towards Erza and Jellal. Jellal tries to help and pushes Erza down, but when he notices how he pushed her down, he sees that he held her soft boobs. He says he’s sorry and she tells her that it’s okay.

Juvia tells Gray to go and ride the Love Slide with her. Lyon says to leave Gray alone and go with him instead. Gray says that it’s all annoying. Natsu goes right towards Gray and Lyon, he pushes both of them in the ride and they go at maximum speed holding each other.

Even at this point they fight and freeze everything around them. A lot of people are nearly frozen. Natsu doesn’t think and wants to quickly unfreeze everything and everyone. He jumps up and uses his fire technique. A large explosions is seen, Sting and Lector see the explosion from far.

We see that all of the character have been injured while Natsu is happy! Gray and Lyon are inside a ice cube stilling hugging. Erza’s ass is on top of Jellal’s face. There’s even a pole shoved within a guy’s ass. Elfman and Evergreen are also found. Hibiki and Ren are pant-less, Fairy Tail must pay for all the repairs. Fairy Tail 298 ends here.

That was a pretty funny chapter! This type of experimental chapters will continue until next week, it will be based on the Daimatou Enbu side of the story. Hopefully it’s going to be another funny chapter! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 299!

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  1. Linus135

    I was hoping for the battle royale….I can honestly see Natsu taking a cheap shot and hitting Laxus out or something early OR FT just fighting it out amongst themselves and everyone being like, “WTF??” lol but i wanted to see that chapter……also BOOBS!! 😛


    1. Sunite

      hahah xD lol, Laxus and Natsu banter are always funny to watch.. but it was nice to see Ichiya and Natsu getting in the fun one more time.. lool… and it ties in nicely with the previous chapter of what everyone was doing, like Sting talking to Lector and telling him that he’s got a feeling he’s going to be fighting Natsu… which did happen..
      haha xD Ofcourse, Hiro loves to put that kind of stuff in his manga..


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