The Medic Ninja Killer – Naruto Shippuden 278

Naruto Shippuden 278 explains why the Medic Ninja’s are also strong, not just the ninja’s at the front line. We see both Itachi and Nagato walk around trying to find a reason why they’re there. We also see Neji who overused his eyes and was sent to the Medic are to get help, however this Neji was a White Zetsu who started to kill some of the Jonin Medics.

Naruto Shippuden 278 starts out as a bunch of shinobi’s are sitting down and trying to get some rest, they all talk to each other but have no hope. Both Kiba and Neji keep on looking. Neji keeps overusing his eyes when he falls down for overusing his eyes. Kiba tells him to calm down and go to the medic tents to get help.

Both Nagato and Itachi are walking, they discuss about the Akatsuki and how they were both used for a superior powers. Even this time they’re being used. Itachi thinks that when the time is correct Kabuto will use the Rinnegan and Mangekyou Sharingan to do anything he wants.

At the medical tents many people are injured and are at the end of their lives. Neji appears at the front, they ask him to halt while they scan him to make sure that he’s not a clone or an enemy. While Sakura helps some shinobi’s we see Neji walk in. We also see someone who looks very suspicious looking outside of Sakura’s tent.

Neji and Sakura talk, he says that he needs to work as hard as he can because he must be the one to notice things before anyone else. During that night, we see a Jonin Medic get murdered and killed by a man who we do not yet know.

That night, three people were assassinated, the Jonin’s gather and decide what they should do. Neji arrives and asks himself that it could be anyone from this place, it could be anyone even himself. While another person is watching from a distance, it seems that it could be this mysterious person.

Sakura gets ready to settle down at her tent when this mysterious person starts to walk towards her tent. Somewhere else, two Jonin’s are talking and asking themselves if they know the opposite person well enough, they discuss and it gets all confusing. Neji arrives at their tent

He asks where Sakura’s tent is, he tells them that he’s noticed someone following her. They say it’s tent three. The mysterious person walks into the tent while Sakura watches. At the other tent, it’s revealed that Neji is the bad guy and he stabs the Jonin Medics.

The mysterious persons thanks Sakura for her help and gives her a love letter, he reveals that he likes her very much, she then says thank you and tell him that she’s already in love with someone else. Before he leaves he says he’s sorry and says that he must be a great man.

Sakura sits down and remembers Sasuke. At this point, we see him leave and Neji behind him. Both Nagato and Itachi are talking, he finds out that the user is preventing them from encountering the enemy. They keep talking and try to come up with a plan to all this nonsense.

Neji walks behind Sakura and asks if she’s okay. He says that they must not get discouraged because it will be a bad thing. The real Neji is still at the place where he rests and keeps on arguing with Kiba and Akamaru. Hinata is also watching with Shino, he says she should also not overwork herself.

She says that she is doing this to protect Naruto because this war is about him. We return to Sakura’s tent where Sakura and Neji are talking, he asks her where Shizune is, she reveals it, he tells her that he’s getting an idea of who it could be. Sakura reveals that she’s treating Tonton.

Neji mistakenly says that it’s better than a bad hand injury, he then asks if they’re be able to rejoin the battle. Sakura then stupidly says that Tonton, who is a pig, can still weave signs. Neji says that it’s a good thing that they can still weave signs. Neji asks Sakura for her help because his hand is still hurting.

Sakura tells Neji to sit down. As he approaches, he grabs a Kunai from his pouch and tries to cut Sakura. But out of nowhere Sakura quickly smash Neji with her monstrous strength. Neji finds out from Sakura that Tonton is an actual pig and cannot weave signs.

Sakura asks how he was able to get in undetected. She remembers that the only way they can transform into someone else would be to actually take their chakra, which Zetsu was able to take from Neji. White Zetsu is impressed at Sakura’s knowledge. Sakura tells some other people to take care of this White Zetsu while goes to report to HQ.

Somewhere else, two shinobi’s are faced by a White Zetsu who’s transformed. They are both killed at the lake. At the HQ, they receive multiple reports about this incident. They found out that the battle before was just to collect chakra to which they can attack at night.

They also find out that they’re White Zetsu’s who are able to take form of any person whose chakra has been absorbed. Shikaku keeps on thinking of a plan to counter attack this. He’s pressured and he tries to calm himself down. Naruto Shippuden 278 ends here.

That was a good episode, specially seeing Sakura’s monstrous power. Also nice seeing that Hinata still has strong feelings about Naruto, and her will to protect him is strong. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 279, titled “White Zetsu’s Trap”, when Hinata, Shino and Kiba are all captured by a White Zetsu within a cave.

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah unfortunately, your right… the Anime shows some episode about White Zetsu’s trap while manga shows Naruto and Bee showing up to stop the Raikage and Tsunade… This was one of the more epic moment..


    1. Sunite

      Hmm the next episode seems to be a filler, it seems that the episode is not in the manga so it must be there to make the story longer… Naruto vs A will probably be in the episode after next weeks or it will be after the filler episodes.. But it might be pretty soon..


  1. SenninMode

    Man why are they putting filler >.<? I mean the manga is sooooo far ahead from the anime (60 chapters)…so why? I wann see Itachi and Nagato vs Naruto and Bee!


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