Naruto and Sasuke Back! Night Guy – Naruto Shippuden 421

Naruto Shippuden 421 see’s Naruto and Sasuke talking to Hagoromo, they tell him their desire while he gives them both Indra and Ashura’s Ninshu to allow them go try to defeat Madara before he can attain Kaguya’s power. All while Guy battles against Madara, unable to make a significant dent on him, thus he uses his most powerful technique, Night Guy releasing all his power. He’s about to die when Naruto arrives and saves him.

Naruto Shippuden 421 begins as Hagoromo tells Naruto that he is the incarnate of Ashura, while Sasuke is the incarnate of Indra. We go to the past when all the teens are talking about what Sasuke had done, while Naruto tells everyone that he’d like to take care of him, not protecting him but to defeat him.

Sasuke also learns about his own past and learns that Naruto is Ashura. Naruto asks about the previous ones who were Madara and Hashirama. Madara had mixed his own chakra with that of Hashirama, in turn he was able to get the Rinnegan by mixing it. A tablet was left behind explaining what to do in these situation but no one could read it.

Hagoromo explains that his desire to get strong like Kaguya will lead to destruction and nothing less, he is no longer Indra’s reincarnate. Furthermore, the Infinite Tsukuyomi will possess everyone and drain their chakra in order to power their own. A new fruit will be created if so much power is in one spot, which is once again very bad.

In this world, while not using the Tailed Beasts for peace but for weapons, it seems that it’s not gone to his plan. All the other Tailed Beasts appear before Naruto and Hagoromo as it seems that Naruto has gained all beasts inside of him. Hagoromo mentions that as the prophecy said, a blue eyed child will change the world as mentioned by the Sage Prophet.

Hagoromo asks of Naruto to tell him what he will do next, to which he mentions that he’d like to protect everyone. Sasuke gives his own answer, we don’t hear it. Hagoromo then mentions that he will give both of them power in order to defeat the evil they face, both Naruto and Sasuke must fight together.

Hagoromo touches their hands and gives both of them the powers corresponding to them. Both Naruto and Sasuke get up, mentioning that it’s time to go. Madara gets up from Guy’s attack, Guy mentions that even his attacks aren’t working anymore. Sekizo no longer works, thus he is forced to now use Night Guy.

A new stance is used while Madara notices that he’s going to no use his final attack. Guy uses his flow to use something even more stronger. We see Kakashi and Guy meet up with their child whilst being young with their fathers. Guy didn’t get in but Kakashi’s father notices that Guy will grow stronger very quickly, even surpassing him. Thus Kakashi should ask his name just in case.

We return as Kakashi now notices that his father was right in saying that Guy is stronger than him. Guy’s body completely changes as he has burn and scorch marks on his body. Guy attacks and uses his Night guy, which is in the form of a dragon, he attacks Madara’s ribs and breaks it all.

With just one attack, it seems that Guy has completely used his body up, his right leg crumbles while his heart also begins to give out. Madara’s body begins to regenerate, he throws one of his balls, when Naruto shows up and gives life back to Guy saving his life. Naruto shows up with his Sage Form but a little different. Naruto Shippuden 421 ends here.

A fantastic form from Guy, something that could defeat any type of opponent, except for Madara of course. Nevertheless, Naruto showing up is something that is definitely something Madara will have to deal with, and Sasuke closely approaches. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 422, titled “The Ones Who Will Inherit” see’s Konohamaru and Naruto’s filler episode.

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