Hinata’s Destiny! Hanabi Trains Hard – Naruto Shippuden 390

Naruto Shippuden 390 continues with Hanabi as she once again looks up at Hinata after she help save the village, she notices that Hinata has also picked her own destiny. We see part of the past when Hinata helped fight against Pain and others, Hanabi wants to keep on training to achieve her true power.

Naruto Shippuden 390 continues as Hanabi and Hiashi keep on training, she is getting stronger, but she’s still young. She is older than Hinata, she mentions. She also has quite a few bruises here and there from the training. She asks about Hinata, to which she is currently taking her exams.

Hanabi hears about Hinata and how she was defeated by Neji, he had fought her during the exams and hit her, however Hinata mentions that she will not give up, the words from Naruto have been ingrained into her. Hanabi goes to see the match between Naruto and Neji.

She notices what Naruto said, it tries to make her realise that everyone has their own destiny to choose. Even after all of Naruto’s chakra points being shut, he battles on. Naruto defeats Neji, everyone cheers. Hanabi hears fighting to which she see’s Neji and Hinata battling, he mentions that Naruto had made him change his mind.

Hanabi thinks about this and how people’s destiny can change. Some time later, Hanabi tries to gets the absolute defense technique right but she couldn’t master it. Ino talks to Neji and Hinata on how he used a new jutsu, his Rasen Shuriken. She hears how brave and strong Naruto is getting.

Hanabi tries to rotate but fails, it seems that there is something on her mind as Hiashi mentions. Hinata and Neji keep on training, Hanabi see’s them as well as her new technique. She see’s that Hinata is happy, even after that has happened she is happy.

Hanabi and the others are going to see Taketori Clan, however they learn about the destruction of the Leaf village, they head back to see everything destroyed. They learn that no one died after Naruto saved everyone, plus Hinata was the only one to go and help.

Hinata went on ahead to help Naruto, to which she also revealed her love for him. The Hyuga elder learns that Hinata showed to be very strong and have courage, she used her new technique too. Hanabi realises that she used her new technique.

Hanabi see’s Hinata smiling with all her friends, she realises that her destiny has changed, she is no longer weak, she is much stronger now. Hanabi wants to practice more. The Fourth Shinobi Battle is about to begin, Hinata and others go to battle as Hanabi stays in the village. Naruto Shippuden 390 ends here.

A good second episode, I didn’t even realise that there was a two episode week today, still it’s good to see that these are still alive, and nice to see Hanabi, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 391, titled “Madara Uchiha Rises”, when Madara rises once more!

There is one comment

  1. trinin ninja

    These two episodes were meant to give us a backstory of hanabi, just in time fir the release of the last naruto the movie (which is already out)!


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