Gray vs Cancer! Dance Battle – Fairy Tail 211

Fairy Tail 211 see’s Gray unleash his inner self to win against Cancer in a dance battle. Levy and Capricorn as well as Cana and Scorpio keep on battling as Cana wins. This episode, like others are just standard filler episodes, didn’t think much of it, not that exciting, unless you’re a big Gray fan.

Fairy Tail 211 begins with Levy and Capricorn trying to find her team mates last name, to which she gets wrong and has to pay the price. Natsu and the others go on to try and smell Loke out, they find his scent. Cana uses Gildarts powers to destroy Scorpio and bring him down, he’s sent back.

Virgo and Lucy battle, Lucy is being tickled, she’s finds it funny to which Virgo understands that it’s not torture, she changes her looks and goes to try and crush Lucy using a watermelon.  Gray and Cancer battle in a Dance battle.

Gray’s heart is cut to which it brings out the inner him, he is also given some dancing shoes to dance. He can’t control himself. He changes all together and begins to dance just like a pro. He begins to get the points needed to win. Juvia senses that something wonderful is happening.

Cancer also gets some points too, they’re somewhat equal. Gray changes the floor to ice and does some ice skating tricks, he gets so many points. Cancer notices that he mustn’t lose, so he begins attacking. Libra and Yukino battle also.

Gray tries to also attack Cancer but doesn’t seem to work as he stops them and gains points doing so. Gray then gets the opportunity tow dance with Cancer and use him as his partner, to which they both begin to get lots and lots of points.

Gray changes form and attacks Cancer, then sends him back, to which Gray’s heart is once again closed. He tells him to never tell anyone what happened here. Juvia senses something has been missed by her.

Natsu and others find an opening to a secret chamber to which he just tries to bust in, it causes a chain of events which affect the realm which Hisui is in, the door is opened. Hisui and Arcadios notice a new door formed to which it seems to be their turn to go into it and find out whats going on. Fairy Tail 211 ends here.

An okay chapter, it didn’t seem like there was a lot to talk about, except that we saw Gray dance, he’s not to bad at all. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 212, titled “Juvia vs Aries, Desert Duel to the Death!”, when we continue with Natsu and the others.

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