Hanabi and Hinata! Hyuga Successor – Naruto Shippuden 389

Naruto Shippuden 389 goes into the past of Hinata and how she was deemed unfit after being defeated by her own little sister Hanabi. We follow the journey of Hanabi who always looks up to Hinata when she finds out about Neji and how half the clan have the curse mark, Hanabi promises to become stronger to become the successor to the Hyuga Clan.

Naruto Shippuden 389 begins as Hanabi wants to play with Hinata, however it seems that Hinata has to go and train to which she goes. Their servant takes Hanabi to get some food while she finds it boring, she tells Hanabi that she has to train hard to become the leader of the clan.

Hanabi is looking at Hinata who is fighting and sparing with Neji, both training each other, she finds that Hinata is wonderful, she is looking at how good she is. Later that night, Hinata comes to play with Hanabi, however she is tired and goes to sleep.

Next day we see Naruto fighting with one of the locals, he’s pushed down by others, on top of which Hanabi asks Natsu who he is, she tells her to never talk to him. Hanabi talks to Hinata, however she has to go train, once again Hanabi finishes her work and goes to see her spar.

We see Hanabi train to be just like Hinata, however one night Neji talks out when Hinata is over beat and Neji goes to attack her, her moves are seen and he nearly hits her for real. Hiashi steps in and catches him, then enables the Curse Mark, he collapses. Hanabi doesn’t understand whats going on.

The elder goes to talk to Hanabi who tells her that what she saw was something placed on Neji, it was to stop him from doing bad things. There are two parts to the Hyuga Clan, this is used for absolute fear. He tells Hanabi that this has to be.

Hanabi remembers what had happened to Hinata, she can’t seem to train, she follows Hinata to a place where Hinata is looking at Naruto train, she doesn’t understand whats going on. Hanabi gets back, she practices really hard, she seems to also want to start practicing.

Hanabi seems to be fighting Hinata, however Hinata doesn’t seem to be showing any real progress. It seems that Hanabi may take over, the next day we see Hinata and Hanabi chosen to fight till defeat, Hinata must win to prove her stance.

They battle, both being really powerful, Hinata had her chance however she didn’t take it, we see Hinata on the ground after their attacks, it seems that Hanabi has won. Hinata is told to leave, to which Hanabi is told to hone her skills to become the head. Kurenai is given Hinata to work with her, going on missions and such, Hinata herself hears that she’s been left by her own clan. Hanabi will fight to become the head of the Hyuga. Naruto Shippuden 389 ends here.

A pretty good episode, we hadn’t yet seen the past of Hinata in such a way, so I personally think it was a good episode, however I just don’t want to see another repeat of the past. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 390, titled “Hanabi’s Decision” when we see more of Hanabi, as she grows up and scenes from Naruto’s battle with Neji.

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  1. trinin ninja

    These two episodes were meant to give us a backstory of hanabi, just in time for the release of the last naruto the movie (which is already out)!


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