Watch Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (SUB ENG)

Sword Art Online Extra Edition has aired in Japan as well as being simulcast on various websites. If you had missed it, here is a link in which you can watch Sword Art Online: Extra Edition, with English subtitles, which tells the story of how the crew take on a quest by which Yui wants to see and ride a whale.Before the quest begins, Kirito talks a man about what had happened in the past concerning everything that happened.

The girls also help Suguha learn how to swim as she currently doesn’t have an idea, this is to ultimately help with the quest as it’s an underground mission. If you’d like to watch 1 hour and 40 minutes special episode, please click on the link below.

Watch Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (SUB ENG)

Tell me what you think about the extra edition and all the extra tidbits, tell me using the comment section. Here are some screen caps of the episode:

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    1. Sunite

      Well it’s about it all, Kirito and a man go through the whole thing from Sword Art Online and Alfheim, they go through it again. Then after that they go to a mission for Yui to see whales.


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