Happy New Year 2014

It’s been another fantastic year of 2013, however it’s finally time to move a step forward into 2014. It’s been tremendous for both anime and manga with lots of new and amazing things going on. Furthermore, it’s also been amazing to write about it all as I’ve had fun telling you all about all related news and fantastic artwork to cosplay and anime recommendations. It’s been awesome to read all the wonderful comments from all of you guys. Let’s have a bigger and better 2014! 

To start it off here’s three awesome and fantastic artwork from three amazing people:

Bleach Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Sideburn004The artist has really pulled out all the stops with this image, especially to include some many awesome characters within just one image. Also to make it all related to Christmas and New Year is awesome to see. Sideburn004 has done a wonderful job of creating such an awesome piece of Bleach fan art. If you can find where Uryu is in the image I’ll give you a cookie!

Naruto and Sasuke celebrate New Year by RenaillusionNext up is Naruto and Sasuke celebrating a New Year, although they look a little young to their current self now, it’s still awesome to see both Naruto and Sasuke having fun, in fact it’s just good to see both somewhat happy in such a wonderful time. renaillusion has done a awesome job.Happy New Year from Hiro Mashima Fairy Tail

Next up is artwork from the one and only Hiro Mashima, especially for the Fairy Tail New Year, it’s awesome to see such an active mangaka on a social network drawing amazing artwork all the time. The artwork in itself is awesome, plus remembering Ultear is awesome as (spoiler) she has grown old after saving everyone’s lives. Good on you! And finally Happy New Year Everyone, See you next year!

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