Naruto vs Sasuke! Sakura Loves Sasuke – Naruto 693

Naruto 693 shows the beginning of the battle which both Sasuke and Naruto are about to have as they both go to the famous place where they previously fought. Naruto mentions that he’s not going to let him do as he pleases and will defeat him, while Sasuke mentions that he has his own vision for what a Hokage should be. Sakura also tries to stop Sasuke by mentioning that she loved him when he calls her an annoyance. 

Naruto 693 begins as Naruto asks Sasuke to release the Tailed Beasts from himself and give them their freedom. They’ve finally gotten their freedom too. Also Naruto mentions that they won’t do anything evil now. Sasuke mentions that he doesn’t understand, Naruto is the Jinchuuriki of all the beasts and thus he wants to get rid of all the chakra.

This means that Naruto will eventually die, Sasuke goes on to mention that he’ll be leaving them alive for now. Naruto mentions that there is no way he’s going to let him get away with this. Sasuke mentions that they need to go to some place. Kakashi tries to stop him but falls.

Sakura looks at Sasuke to which she begins to cry and gets angry at the same time, she mentions that there isn’t a lot she can do to stop him, but he still loved him, she never though that he would turn out this way. She couldn’t be there for him when he needed it or even stop him going down this path.

All she could do was sit and cry, however after all of this, if she still has a place in his heart, just a little, she asks for him not to go. If we’re together, they can go back to those days. Sasuke smiles mentioning that she’s such an annoyance and uses Genjutsu to strike at Sakura.

Naruto shouts at him mentioning that he didn’t need to cast Genjutsu on him. Kakashi goes onto mentioning that Sakura really wanted to save him, this whole time. Sasuke dismisses it as daydreaming on her part. Sasuke even mentions that he doesn’t see what she likes about him, and thus he is not interested in her at all.

Kakashi mentions that the only time you need a reason for not liking is when you hate somebody, she also mentioned she wanted him by her side. She wants to save Sasuke, there is nothing more to it. Sakura cries whenever she thinks of him. The only reason was because she loved you so much that it hurt her.

Sasuke remembers his family and mentions that this is now the thing of the past for him. He leaves as Naruto mentions that he had made a promise to Sakura. To bring Sasuke back, and thus Kakashi should know how he works and thus he’ll be back.

They leave when Hagoromo mentions that love is a complicated thing. He once had two sons who he loved and respected. However he left everything to his younger son, a mistake as it meant that the older son began to despise both him and the younger son.

This love had transformed into hate, and this can relate to the Sasuke they know. The same goes for Madara. Kakashi asks if Sasuke and Madara have a similar fate.

Hagoromo mentions that this is untrue and that he left power to both of them. The past isn’t there as a reminder for change, it’s there as a lesson to us all. Kakashi asks what made him choose Naruto to which he mentions that he had changed the hatred within Kurama. He leaves it to Naruto as he wants to transform the hate into love.

Or that Naruto and Sasuke can find and regain the lost love. Naruto and Sasuke both reach the Valley of the End where Hashirama and Madara’s statue are both there. Naruto mentions that he knew they’d come here. It brings them back, they used to fight there a lot, to which not a lot has changed. Sasuke mentions that he will not win.

Naruto mentions that he isn’t going to lose to him again like before, and he isn’t going to let him do as he pleases. And he sure as hell ain’t going to let him become Hokage. He doesn’t understand what exactly becoming a Hokage means.

Sasuke mentions that he wants a revolution to come to which a new type of Hokage will arise. His Hokage isn’t like the one Naruto describes. Naruto mentions that his own brother told him that a Hokage isn’t chosen by strength, a true Hokage is one that’s chosen by the people.

Sasuke mentions that he has realized this a long time ago and understand his brothers words. On top of which Sasuke would like to teach Naruto the true meaning of what a Hokage is. Naruto 693 ends here.

A great chapter and a fantastic build up to a possible final fight between these two. It’s also amazing to see that Naruto and Sasuke aren’t just going to have a raw fight based on power but in fact a fight that will have more than just words but whole different meaning and one that can change the world. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 694 when we see the fight begin!


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    1. Noora

      I agree that he likes her … and after reading ch. 963 few times I now think that sasuke cares great deal for both Naruto and Sakura as well as everyone else but he just doesnt want to admit it to himself so he wont get attached to them and then go crazy when he loses them since he went through that twice first with his clan and second which was the most painful with his brother Itachi … so he just wants to push Sakura and Naruto away from himself …. he thinks he is not worth being loved …
      he is a deeply wounded child …


  1. dreager1

    Decently good chapter. I just want the fights to begin honestly. Sakura and Kakashi looked downright terrible, but it’s all right since they’d be outmatched anyway. Sasuke vs Naruto, here we come!


  2. AJ

    ?Fuck this is why I dislike is full of shit..why does she keep hurting herself over his many times he keeps telling her dumbass he doesn’t love her back…omg I hate characters like that..I would never hurt myself like that by following up behind someone who doesn’t want your ass..that’s heart breaking to watch her dumbass..fuck sasuke!


  3. Kid Assassin

    Ah Going Back to the Valley of the End just create a sense of Meaning to this battle 🙂 but also It would also be a Battle of Different Meanings of the Title Hokage but I see Naruto Winning this fight in the end..Thats My 2c Opinion


  4. haqoromo

    the more kishi tries to bring sakura to the play the more useless she is,how come she keeps having such feelings over a guy who those not have any feelings for you?
    And the battle between naruto and sasuke is like a battle btw minato and madara all through naruto have a slight different


  5. Aisin


    Naruto is a beta average-looking WK, while Sasuke is an alpha dangerous handsome bad boy. Which one do you think a woman will choose? There’s your answer. Maybe she’ll come to love Naruto after she dates thousands of Sasuke-like characters and her biological clock starts ticking. Then she might turn towards Naruto.


  6. dayandoo

    i think sasuke is trying to check whether naruto is ready to become a hokage he tells naruto that he will teach a new ideas of a new hokage. A fight for sure btn them bt still sasuke is jst checkin out whethr naruto is all ready for the tille of HOKAGE


    1. farfora

      you have a point ! … I believe sasuke doesnt give a damn about being a hokage or leading anyone … he is just searching for answers for his own existence also weather the shinobi world deserved his clan being sacrificed like sheep !! and why Itachi suffered so much for this village !
      Sasuke is so mysterious and pure …. so far we didnt hear his deep thoughts ! I hope Kishi will reveal them to us ….


  7. great

    i guess naruto would really understand that sakura is only in love with sasuke and she wont stop. sakura has been blinded with love and i guess sasuke knows about it but his hate for d world is blocking d gate to his heart. naruto would win for sure but i am sure there wont be any killing


    1. farfora

      I agree there wont be any killing … Iam sure we will have such an emotional chapters from her own … Sasuke will reveal his pain finally and how hurt he is …. Naruto will pour himself out for him to help him … they will exchange some punches and cool justu fights ‘coz thats how boys do it’ then they will end it hopfuly with a smile … and after Naruto puts Sasuke’s heart in peace Sasuke will disappear again and starts his self exploration and purpose in life journey… becoz no matter what he can not just simply return to the hidden village knowing that he lost his entire clan for it…. which is a feeling so hard to get used to … and he is not that welcomed in the village beside Naruto-Sakura and maybe Ino and kakshi… no one really cared about him or wants him back now …


  8. Uzumaki

    Finally sakura had chosen.Kishi beta stop giving naruXsaku fans hope.Ino is more beautiful than any other naruto characters but i know naruto will later married hinata.
    Sasuke is just testing naruto if it is really ready to become hokaga


  9. great

    i agree with u. like i said before no one would die… i also think its a test for naruto whether he is capable to earn his respect. i also think sasuke wants to find out who is really d strongest between both of them cuz d tym they fought on d top of d hospital, naruto won by making a bigger hole in d tank than sasuke who made a really little hole which stuck his hand. both at d valley, sasuke won naruto by a close call let me say d former 10 and d latter 9, from my explanation, i think their fights have been a draw but dis one d last fight would prove who is better and who can earn d title of hokage fair and square. no cheating or disturbance by u know who(sakura)… i think sasuke likes sakura but he prefers to b a loner bcus he doesnt wanr to hurt himself with love so i suggest he’s afraid to love but he is playin d bad boy game for now. if he really thought sakura was annoyin wit her love yap yap, he would have killed her with ease but he didnt so i think dere is a really big chance of dem endin together. as for naruto i am sure after dis fight and everything is settled, he would take hinata for a date to d most lovable place naruto knows which is d RAMEN SHOP. dat guy like ramen sha. i am sure he would eveb disgrace himself in front of hinata but she wouldnt mind cuz she too like sakura is blinded with love. dis fight btw these two is all about who would be d greatest shinobi in d history of ninja world…


  10. Jasper Williams

    the same thing I was thinking ….sasuke is putting naruto to the test …I believe this battle will be highly emotional ….and sasuke will make his final decision depending on the outcome of this battle …………


  11. Hogoromo

    Obviously, the fight between Naruto and Sasuke will be similar to the previous fight between them there. Except, Naruto will be facing Sasuke in the end when it rains. Then, in that moment, Naruto will pick up Sasuke and throw him in Konoha. Sasuke merely wants to know if Naruto has what it takes to convince an Uchiha that revenge doesn’t bring his clan’s reputation of love back; salvation will. Unlike the previous Konoha that made shinobi trick one another to end the Uchiha (to end love), there will be no tricks up Naruto’s sleeves. It will be cheesy, but Naruto will become Sasuke’s Konoha—his home. Then, Naruto will propose to Sakura because Kushina wants it to happen and Sasuke will be Naruto’s brother (like fictive kinship in the military). Everyone will understand Sasuke, including Sakura, Ino, and Hinata. Them girls be wildin. Two guys. Three girls. The suspense. In my opinion, I think it should be NarutoXSakura and SasukeXIno. Ino would threaten to control Sasuke’s soul if he did bad stuff again and be all sexy with it. However, if it should be SasukeXHinata because Hinata would Sasuke as a way to be closer to Naruto, then that would be like Sasuke marrying Kaguya in a way. Kaguya is of the Kaguya clan. The Bone clan. The same as Kimimaro. However, Kaguya fancied the Byakugan. So, Hinata’s Byakugan would fancy that because, like her step-brother’s fission of a clan, their marriage would signify that her Byakugan set everyone free from their cage, in which promotes hatred and enmity. Just a thought. One girl would be missing out. We all know that. 🙂


  12. sarahmint

    I’m amazed that all these people think just like Sakura: Sasuke returns to Konoha and everything will be okay.

    No it is not going to be okay. Sasuke is going to get thrown in jail for the rest of his life and if he ever manages to have any children they are going to be killed the next time around in a similar manner as they will also be oppressed and forced for fight for their lives or die.

    How can you people not see that?


    1. Sunite

      You are correct that Sasuke will have to somehow pay for his crimes, however it’s unsure to how. And since Naruto and others can convince Hokage to retract the hunt for Sasuke on helping defeat Kaguya and Madara and Obito, it’s going to help him get less of a sentence.


  13. Weird

    Many of you only see what you want to see. The SAME way Sakura wants Sasuke back in the village is the same way Naruto is still begging Sasuke to come back as well. The BOTH of them are hard-headed to me. The only thing I think is pivotal here is the fact that both girls (Hinata and Sakura) seem o be hung up on their respective guys…so maybe who ends up with who depends on who the girl actually likes. Maybe. I really don’t know how shounen goes plus Kishi ALWAYS likes to make me lose my mind. So I won’t bet but I’ll ride it out like the rest of you and see how it ends with my own 2 eyes.


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