Brute and Brawn – Goku and Hulk


Goku vs Hulk, a battle as destructive as you can imagine where the one and only Goku battles the brute which is Hulk. In an effort to kick some ass, it’s a hard decision when it comes to deciding who will win this battle. The Green vs Orange battles will definite show its destructive potential at every turn.

Goku vs Hulk by Carlo Barberi

The amazing artwork above was done by Carlo Barberi who has a number of great artwork based on Marvel characters. Definitely a person to check out if you like this sort of artwork. Also be sure to go ahead and share the page as well as comment down below on your thoughts of who the mighty winner might be.

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  1. dreager1

    Whoa, I think this one is a blowout personally. Just keep Goku’s flight in mind Sunlite. All he has to do is launch a full powered Kamehameha to get Hulk off planet and then watch as the Hulk drifts through space forever. Goku’s flight is just too massive an advantage! 🙂


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