Watch Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)

Tokyo Ghoul is not for the squeamish, it’s an anime containing a lot of NSFW scenes containing blood and death, if you are too young then don’t watch this anime. We follow the journey of a regular high school kid, Kaneki, who meets a girl who’s ghoul like nature nearly kills him, however her organs are transplanted into Kaneki as part of an experiment where he himself becomes half a ghoul and half a human. 

The girl he meets, Rize, is a ghoul who tried to kill him however both go through an incident where Kaneki has to be transplanted her organs to live. He later discovers a ghoul community right in front of him when other Ghoul hunters arrive in their area to kill them. It’s a great anime who’s first season has ended, I’ll be waiting for the second when it comes. I highly suggest you watch it, however be warned that this anime containing a lot of blood, fighting and scenes not suitable for children.

Watch Tokyo Ghoul (Eng Sub)

If you already watch the anime, tell me what you’re thoughts are on it using the comment section below. Also be sure to share the page with others so they know where to watch Tokyo Ghoul online.


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    1. Sunite

      Well I think the doctor is later mentioned to do it on purpose for this experiment. Apparently she was being watched until they could kill the Ghoul and put her inside the Kaneki. I think there is a much bigger story here then what we see 😛 Can’t wait for the second season!


  1. dreager1

    Haha, this is definitely too intense for me, but my cousin is about to watch it so I had a question. Sunite, you mentioned NSFW scenes here, is it just violence or are you talking about nudity and fanservice as well? Hopefully just the former, but I wanted to ask to be sure since you finished the season a while back.


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