Igneel vs Acnologia! Natsu vs Mard Geer – Fairy Tail 401

Fairy Tail 401 begins as everyone gets fired up to which Igneel battles Acnologia while Igneel tells Natsu to battle Mard Geer to get the book of END. Natsu gets upset as he gets closer to Igneel in order to find out why he had disappeared, others wonder if their dragons also disappeared within them. 

Fairy Tail 401 begins with Natsu noticing his father, while Juvia and the others wonder how Igneel was within Natsu’s body. Levy asks if there could be one within Gajeel’s body. Gajeel and the other’s heart stopped thumping. Mard Geer has also disappeared from Sting and Rogue.

Wendy also gets up, everyone notices Igneel up high fighting Acnologia and don’t understand if he’s helping them. Kyouka doesn’t understand whats happening in front of her. Mard Geer see’s both of them to which he mentions that he won’t won’t allow neither of them to interfere.

He has just changed the plans to which he thinks they will both fall. Gajeel asks if that is really Igneel, to which he then asks if he was within his body. Natsu mentions that he doesn’t know, and this whole time he has been looking for him. He fires up his shoes and quickly dashes towards Igneel.

He catches onto Igneel as he fights against Acnologia. He begins to ask him why he suddenly disappeared, and of all places he went within Natsu. He also asks about Wendy and Gajeel’s dragons, he also asks what had happened on the 7th of 777.

He grabs onto Natsu then roars its fire breath covering Acnologia in a large fire-ball. It creates a massive fire-ball covering everything from the ground to the sky’s. Igneel mentions that he’s not even been tickled by that attack.

Igneel mentions that he’s getting quite fired up. He holds onto Natsu telling him to leave, he also has his own job to which he wants him to take the Book of END from the hands of Mard Geer, who is the one who started all of this.

He tells him to steal it, to which he must not open of destroy it. He is also the only person who can take it from him. Natsu asks about the reward to which he will tell him everything he wishes to know when he’s done his job. Natsu is thrown to which he mentions that he better keep his promise and not just wander off somewhere. Natsu will fight Mard Geer for the END Book. Fairy Tail 401 ends here.

A great chapter, it’s nice to see both father and son fighting as one. From Gray and his father Silver, it’s nice to see Natsu and his own father. From being on the opposing teams like Gray and Silver, it’s nice to see Natsu and Igneel on the same sides fighting enemies at a whole different pace. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 402, titled “Fire Dragon’s Steel Fist”.

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    I love the interaction between Natsu and Igneel – now we can see where Natsu gets all his attitude from! I mean the “I’m getting fired up” line? Totally passed down from father to son, I think. 🙂 Itching to know what Gray’s up to though, I neeeed to know…..


  2. mabritish

    this is very interesting. I can’t believe the king of fire Dragons is here in person. by the looks of things it seems that Gray will lose the spot light to natsu. I don’t no why igneel is saying that natsu is the only one who can take the END from MARD GEER, where does that put gray? do u remember early on that zeref appeared and tell natsu that Ingeel couldn’t defeat END? and he went on to say that natsu is the only one who can take END down. so it seems like gray will be finding another opponent or may natsu and Gray will take END down together.


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