Kirito faces Death Gun/Sterben – Sword Art Online II 12 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 12 goes on to bringing the plan from Kirito and Sinon to life as they take out another player to provide Kirito the battle of Kirito vs Death Gun/Sterben. Basically half the episode is nothing but talking while the other half is something we have been looking forward to, which is the actual battle.

Sword Art Online II is pissing me off, the idea of having an in-game enemy is great and the first season was magnificent. However now I’m just angry at how badly the animators are going about it. Half an episode is total crap while the other half has some good bits here and there.

I just think that the fact they’re doing this means that they’re just making up for the number of episode, which I understand but they’re making half of the episodes just a filler. The first half was just complete repeat and just bits of bobs which I clearly had no interest in however the second half had some actual action, after they left the stupid cave.

We see Death Gun and Kirito go at it while Sinon snipes down another member and tries to do the same to Death Gun and his sniper rifle. Kirito reveals his theory of a second person but that just seems like total crap as Sterben/Death Gun literally has a better way of going at it. I’m sure we’ll see more fillers soon, I just don’t want the rest of the episodes to be half filler and filler actual stuff I like. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II 13, titled “Phantom Bullet”, I won’t give up on this series just yet.

What do you think?

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