Ultear’s Goodbye! Doranbolt’s Memory Wipe – Fairy Tail 200

Fairy Tail 200 is a slow episode featuring the departure of Ultear from the show as she is now much older, she leaves Jellal and Meredy a very sad message and see’s Gray at one point too. Jellal and Meredy also find out that Doranbolt has successfully been able to memory wipe everyone’s memory’s about the Dragons incident. 

Fairy Tail 200 begins in an early morning where everyone is just starting to wake up when we see an elderly woman. She is in fact Ultear. She is eating at the local inn, she is asked about who she was rooting for in the games, she reply’s with Fairy Tail.

She goes around when she meets the commentator of the magic games to which they talk for a bit when she is asked if she’d like some help. She goes on her journey. Natsu and the others wake up normally ready to leave the inn they’re staying at.

Natsu and the others will ride in an carriage, Natsu will get motion sickness, even Wendy can’t help him. they leave Crocus. Jellal and Meredy are looking for Ultear, they can’t seem to find her. However, Doranbolt appears to talk to them.

We go ahead to see Lahar talk to the other council members in a normal fashion to which it seems they don’t know anything about the dragon attack, it’s as though they’re memories have been erased. Doranbolt tells Jellal that it’s his doing that he’s done this.

Doranbolt had told the royal family not to deal with dark magic. Doranbolt seems to have wiped everyone memories about the dragons. Doranbolt also mentions that Cobra had mentioned that the gates of hell will open to which he has gone back to his cell. Jellal notices that this is from the passage of Zeref’s book relating to the dark and mysterious guild Tartarus.

Natsu and the others are chilling around taking a small break before they go ahead. They talk about what they want to do when they get home, they mention to do more jobs, Erza is creating a new armor. Gray is on the side lines to which he’s thinking about what happened previously.

Gray thinks about the time he was hit in the heart and thus he tells Wendy about his past, about his teacher, his friends and what happened to his village, mother and father. He had a vision of his own death, and thus he felt warm at that point, whilst he was fighting.

We see Jellal and Meredy go on ahead to which they meet the old lady who calls them out, having a message from Ultear. They read it all through to which she disappears. It’s a very sad letter as she says her goodbye’s. She talks about what the guild was for her. Ultear’s old form disappears.

We see Natsu and the others back to moving to which moments later we see Ultear go past them as she hears their voices and all, she smiles when Gray looks back. He quickly notices that she looks very familiar and thus knows that it’s Ultear. He shouts for them to stop when she says no, and he has to go on ahead without knowing. This is her goodbye and thus able to forgive herself. Fairy Tail 200 ends with a very sad ending.

A great episode and seems like a new adventure will begin in next week’s Fairy Tail 201, titled “Present”, can’t wait for Fairy Tail to return to an amazing surprise back at their home. It will definitely be good to see some cool and awesome action next week.


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