Naruto Saves Hinata! – Naruto 558

Naruto 558 features Naruto saving a couple of people including Sakura and Hinata! In today’s Manga Chapter (558) we see that Naruto himself is getting very powerful! It seems now that everyone around him seems to trust him more. We see this when Shikamaru says “For Now, We’ve Got To Hold Out Till Naruto Gets Here!”. This piece of evidence shows that even if Shikamaru may say “…But ever since he was a kid, he’s had this one dream of becoming Hokage… and now he’s still that same stupid Naruto.”, he still trusts Naruto and may also belive he has the power to do it.

Okay so now Hinata. Neji, Hinata and Kiba have been fighting Zetsu’s (Black Zetsu and White Zetsu) clones which can transform into any person or object. Here in the battle field, Zetsu has the advantage of transforming into anyone they want to and sabotage the enemies plans. (Wish I had this power xD)

In the images above, we see Naruto defending Hinata who has a few dozen troops on their way to kill Hinata. But guess who appears?… You guess right! Naruto! He showed up and defended Hinata like their more than just friends! He also says “Sorry For Running Late”.  Just thinking about it, wouldn’t Hinata and Naruto make a good couple? NaruHina or HinaNaru 🙂

Well that’s probably it for this weeks chapter! Naruto 558! Lets wait for next weeks Naruto 559 Chapter! Some good fights are coming!

What do you think?

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