Bleach 686 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Bleach 686, the final Bleach chapter, has dropped along with some predicted couples along with some news of that Bleach will be getting a movie in 2018! If you’d like to know what happens in this chapter, go ahead and read on otherwise, warning as spoilers ahead.

Bleach 686 has a center colour with Ichigo and his former classmates, it’s 10 years later now. The chapter begins with Byakuya and Soifon rush to where they can sense Yhwach, while Mayuri is already there, they notice that Yhwach’s black mist disappears in front of them.

We return to the real world where Renji and Rukia, husband and wife, bring their child to play as they visit Ichigo and others. Inside Ichigo’s house, we see Tatsuki, Asana and other classmates as well as Ichigo’s sisters: Karin has big boobs now, and Yuzu has small ones (lol). They are all watching Chad’s WBO World Heavyweight Title Match.

Uryu isn’t there, but he’s a doctor on the roof of the hospital as he also watches Chad’s match on his phone. Within Ichigo’s house, we see Orihime appear whilst wearing an apron. It looks like both Ichigo and Orihime are married. From the looks of it, Renji and Rukia are waiting for their own kid who seems to be lost whilst coming to the real world.

Rukia mentions that they shouldn’t worry as she’s a shinigami and thus cannot get injured by a human. Ichigo mentions that she seems like someone who’d pick a fight with a human, they should look for her. We move to the Yuzu’s room on the second floor in Ichigo’s house, it was Ichigo’s room previously.

A large black hole appears in that room. Ichigo and Orihime’s kid reaches his arm into it, when he does this, Yhwach’s black mist disappears from Soul Society. Aizen is once again confined within Soul Society, he mentions that Yhwach’s last power seems to have finally disappeared.

The flashback begins as we see Yhwach cut in half by Ichigo’s Zangetsu, he mentions that he has closed the path to a world free of fear. The living and the dead were supposed to become one, he mentions. It’s unfortunate that because of him, life and death shall not become one, and thus people will continue on to fear death forever. Flashback ends.

Aizen mentions that a world without death is one where people will not search for hope, Even if people only continue onwards just to live, that is a matter completely different than continuing onwards to escape fear. Therefore, people have put a special word on that path, “Courage”.

A shinigami appears from the black hole in the wall of Yuzu’s room, a lively looking girl who has similar hairstyle like Renji and eyes like Rukia. Ichigo’s kid asks who she is, she answers by mentions that she is “Ichika Abarai”, a Shinigami-in-training, she asks who he is.

Ichigo and Orihime’s kid answers by mentioning that he’s “Kazui Kurosaki”, he is also a shinigami. He quickly changes into his shinigami robe and pulls out his own Zanpakuto. Ichika is shocked! Bleach 686 ends marking the end of Bleach manga!

A fantastic end to a magnificent series, I’m happy to see that Bleach ended at such a cliffhanger as both Kazui and Ichika are the next generation of Shinigami from Ichigo/Orihime and Renji/Rukia. Exactly the couples I predicted. I hope none of the RukiaXIchigo fans aren’t too upset. This chapter translation was brought to you by YonkouProductions and First_Mate_Zoro.

Nevertheless, that do you think? go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think about the final Bleach chapter.

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  1. Hugo

    It’s a very bad news for bleach . LIVE ACTION . It was predicted since 2010 when Warner Bros wanted the Kubo’s answer for a live action movie : first time , he refused and today , he accept .
    Seriously (not upset) , how can it be a good news for a manga who never has new anime since March 2012 ? HOW ? I asked you the question ?
    BTW , for the chapter , it’s a MEH chapter . For pairings , i don’t care , only the story is important , so we have the confirmation Yhwach is truly dead and Aizen is still alive .
    For Uryu , i knew it , his competences maked himself a doctor as Ryuken did .
    For Chad , i didn’t expected it but with his strength , it could possible he does something interesting .
    But , this series ended with a shitty big announcement and a bad ending for the manga .
    But , i’m not upset , i stopped after the arrancar arc , it was a good ending for us .


    1. Sunite

      I think the chapter ended with a little bit of a cliffhanger, seems like Kubo could write more about the next generation of Bleach with the two kids Kazui and Ichika. I think Aizen’s arc would have been a good ending, but would have left a lot for dedicated fans. Seems like this was a good enough ending for me personally as Orihime and Ichigo got married, happy to see them together instead of Rukia.


        1. lotgrafix

          worst ending ever… wtf happened with the Kubo we knew? no Aizen, Shinji and the other Vizards Bankais? Shinigami Captains were never able to defeat quincies, Juha Bach was the only one to defeat his owns? how kira was alive?, who saved urahara in the hueco mundo? Why ichigos father can train ichigo fot the final getsuga, but he doesnt fight? why Ichida and his father was not affected by Bach sucking power to quincies? no more info about the SK? …………..really, wtf was this?


        2. J

          I agree. This was a bullshit ending. Pairings aside, this is not how a fight should end. Where is Isshin and Ryuken? Of course I find it sickening that Rukia went with Renji as they are more like family. Also there was never chemistry between Orihime and Ichigo, it was always one sided. A very pitifully, overly cliche pathetic ending. I wouldn’t say it ruined the series. But it’s certainly jarring and very much doesn’t feel like what Kubo intended.


      1. j

        It’s actually sickening Hime is with Ichi. Rukia was better for him. They actually had chemistry and not some creepy one sided obsession.


    2. 09chase24ell

      well, this year in 2022 is supposedly where Bleach makes a big return, apparently leaving off where 686 left off. personally, im excited to see that


  2. Paupoogirl

    BS, we wait two weeks for this? Sounds to me like another one of Tite Kubos rip offs as he obviouslt copied Naruto… Spoiler alert: Naruto has a kid and now Ichigo? Oh please it wasn’t Tite kubos style at all. It was way- too predictable of him and nothing interesting. We get to see a good manga literally tossed into the toilet and get shitted on. Never have I ever expected such a waisted way to go. 15 years, literally 15 years for this type of BS. Wheres Kisuke? Wheres Yoruichi? Are you really telling me a Movie is going to cut it for his pitiful ending? Bleach had never been about pairings and for the last so many years Renji just recently gets married? If this is the end then I’ll stick with the anime since it had a way better ending then the manga. Happy f@$#ing end to a waste of 15 year old bleach!!!


    1. Wangz

      Hmm… you seem like the one who can help us be successful in our manga series that we’re doing for Shonen Jump. Dm me on twitter and I’ll tell you about the manga. We still need to clear up the plot and such @IHiyoriIki


  3. Elsha

    Is this legit? If it is, I can predict that fans all over the world will flip their fucking tables which would result in a global shortage of tables. I would know because just this reading this shit, I have destroyed exactly 10 tables.

    Who the fuck thought ship pandering and children is a good fucking idea? Why the fuck would there RenRuki and IchiHime, both of which are unbelievable and give me cancer?

    If Bleach ends in a shit storm like this article suggests, many people will not approach Bleach with a ten pole stick. IchiRuki fans will simultaneously profuse their dying hatred for Bleach.


  4. Bigbang199

    A very bad ending .

    15 years in the making of ichiruki destroyed in 1 chapter.

    Iam not being rude to ichihime fans but ichiruki was almost confirmed by Kubo himself with a ton of materials and then he buries it in the last chapter with a horrible ending.

    Again I must say iam not against ichihime even it was very weak but Kubo has just given a justifiable ending like rukia dies defending them ,ichigo is shocked orihime comforts her and they later marry.

    What thus would have done was that it acknowledged ichiruki to what Kubo made it out to be and then supported ishihime fans as well.

    But instead he just took some animosity out of ichiruki community by completely trampling it WHY?

    Rukia married her best freind for whom she had 0 love , all those ichiruki scenes , the movie ,the poems,if how ichigo felt for rukia and then he bangs the other woman with 0 love progression.

    Iam just sore at how rukia was treated at least Kubo could have left her single was marrying so important.

    And about the kids like wtf their parents couldn’t complete their love story so now the kids will do it that’s super gay it’s just like someone from the joke thread made it remember BOCHIGO.

    I lost all respect for Kubo , bleach had a poor story , poor fights to begin with but the end was like wtf ……….

    To top it off shounen jump is distributing ichigo rukia stickers on 21 to celebrate the ending. And Kubo named the last chapter death and strawberry , that name was exclusive to ichiruki and its just like killing ichiruki and spitting on the carcass.

    Ichihime fans can enjoy the success of their ship no problems but Kubo didn’t had to literally rip apart our ichiruki community that he himself created.

    Bleach is officially dead for me and Kubo a shitty troll who does not even know how to write , now I know why the anime went off air due to poor ratings.

    Sorry for the long response but it’s the horrid treatment to rukia my only female anime hero that is making me write this . Enjoy freinds.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Tenshi Moana Simpson

    Thank you for bringing out Ichihime which was always going to be a thing. But I think this ending could of been a little longer. Ichiruki was never a thing and its really funny how people thought it was ha. At least Ichigo got to bang Orihime and Renji got to bang Rukia This seems so short we got nothing much from Ichigo and Orihime as husban and wife and what about the Soul King? It better be in the movie


    1. J

      It actually doesn’t. It looks very bland. Ichiruki has dynamic. They actually were a thing as created by many materials from Kubo. As a prossional writer myself, I can feel the inconsistencies in this.


    1. j

      Watch your mouth punk. This isn’t what Kubo intended. He buckled unset cause Ichi home fans are psychoctic. It’s like when he planned to kill Byakuya but last minute changed his mind cause of psycho fans. Get a clue about storytelling punk.


  6. Aldon

    this ending is shit , why the hell did he copy naruto ???? this so stupid I really hate bleach now
    inoue does’t deserve ichigo at all !! why would he make all that ichiruki Moments and a movie and then Throw all a way


  7. Warles

    I’m happy as long as Kubo is happy. The only thing I really dislike is the live action, I’m a
    Sure the Bleach fans in Japan are celebrating this news because they’re probably used to the shitty adaptions that they make. But I guess there could be hope maybe they’ll hire a good actor like how Gintama chose a great cast for their live action film. All we can do is sit and hope for the best amd hopefully it won’t turn out like another Attack on Titan disaster.


  8. hikariackerman

    Lmao this is bad. All of it. This doesn’t sound like a legit ending to me it sounds like a fan fiction lol. The pairings the way they justified whatever happened to Yhwach the unanswered questions etc etc etc. It’s all rushed BS and frankly I’m disappointed even though in a big fan of Bleach. I’m sticking to the anime’s ending c:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunite

      I can assure you it’s a legit ending for the Bleach Manga ending. From the sources we have, it seems like it’s being backed by lots of people. Even if sounds a little insane.


  9. juancrix

    pero este spoiler es 100% real ?o es solo una teoria creada por algunos porque el manga sale el lunes si no mal recuerdo, entonces como describes en forma resumida lo que esta pasando , osea igual dificil de creer a mi parecer aparte ichigo se queda en la sociedad de almas y el otro punto es que si rukia estuviera casada con renji en el manga apareceria con el apellido de el no el de rukia por eso todavia pienso que kubo va a dejar un final abierto porque muchas veces dijo que esto no es un shojo .


  10. Gwen

    I like it just….



    Liked by 2 people

  11. Norbert Nicolas

    I ship IchiRuki, but if you ask me I prefer Ichigo not ending with anyone and just be a CC or a royal guard so we can see a new side of Ichigo, however this chapter sucks.
    ever since the final arc starts we didn’t get to see any Ichiruki moments and suddenly it is destroyed in just 1 chapter, on the other hand how the couples ended up together is ca Joke.
    It’s a Fucking Cliche and It really broke my heart, as a bleach fan I was expecting more from kubo even it’s just one chapter but yeah My stomach just dropped Congrats Inoue your big boobs caught Ichigo’s attention, now please stop saying Kurosaki Kun or I’ll shoot you

    Liked by 1 person

      1. webduelist (@webduelist)

        right….. you know the last chapter is in color right? so that pretty much debunks it right there. Not to mention the cross hatching shading, isn’t in kubos style, his are almost straight, where this is more traditional, now don’t get me wrong who ever drew it did a good job, but it clearly not drawn by kubo.

        Also the reiatsu appeared, and getting stronger, not dissipating. Also Renji and Rukia are in Squad 1 barracks atm, and if the captain class shinigami could feel the reiatsu then they wouldn’t just permit Renji and Rukia to just go to the living world to visit.

        This is complete fan fiction.


      1. J

        Grow the f**k up you punk ass c**t. It’s f****ts like you that ruin fandom and drive storytellers insane. You have no understanding of character chemistry. Hime is an obsessed like bimbo whom Ichi showed no interest in. There is no justification for this pairing other than Kubo copping out and trying to appease the immature ichihime fans. Ichiruki fans obviously have more grace. Like myself, I’m more upset about the let down of a fight than Rukia and Ichigo giving each other up.


  12. nickdunnaquatic

    I’m not surprised that Rukia and Ichigo aren’t together. It was obvious after the Soul Society Arc that Ichigo only sees Rukia as a friend. Rukia acts more like his big sister than anything else. Due to Shonen rushing the fuck out of Kubo, we didn’t get to see the romance build between Rukia and Renji that much. It is his fault that Ichigo hasn’t expressed anything other than friendship towards Orihime. I really want to see their kids. Aizen being imprisoned again is funny to me. It just shows how he is no longer as threatening as he used to be, and the Gotei 13 are prepared to stop him if he even tries to break out, especially considering they just recovered from a war against the most powerful and dangerous antagonist Bleach has ever faced.


    1. j

      Actually, again, not true. Ichigo always had a longing toward Rukia. He was always depressed without her. Not even Hime brought him the peace he felt when Rukia was around. Renji was more like a big brother to Rukia. You don’t marry family, which is practically what Renji and Rukia were.


    2. Ultimate Coordinator

      Ichigo & Orihime were perfect. Aizen is even strongest than he every was, but doesn’t have that evil intent like before or he would’ve acted with it making him less threatening. So if he ever did try to fight again, Gotei 13 would be screwed like before seeing as how the captains are far less competent this time around. Yhwach, the most dangerous villain, same villain that was easily bested and made to be a fool by AIzen. We haven’t seen Aizen’s best & never will. Orhime was practically family as well like Rukia & Renji no.


  13. Angritice Hood

    Guys let me clear this up .This is perfect because Even if Tite Kubo said this manga will not be romantic he meant that it will not be solely based on Romance so marrying off character is another way of symbolizing the peace of the world ,as well as growing up.Ichiruki was never a thing because their “relationship” was a brother and sister relationship.For example when Rukia drew on Ichigo’s face who here doesn’t have a playful best friend or a prankster sibling, another example When Ichigo saved Rukia from Byakuya he did not once proclaim love and in fact made a speech about protecting your family. Taking this in mind We could assume Ichigo hinting that Rukia was his sister in a way since Byakuya was going to let her die.
    With Ichihime yes at first it was was one sided but as the relationship grew They slowly became closer Orihime giving Ichigo advice or Cheering him on strengthening him, Ichigo taking in account of Orihime’s safety being highly erratic at the thought of her harmed.
    Uryuu did say he would’nt become a doctor after he witnessed his father operat ing on his dead wife which would traumatised any kid but when he said that he didn’t know the reason let’s assume after the fight he thought about it and chang ed his mind after going over it in his head. Also with the lose ends He might attended to add stuff or he wants to leave it at that, that’s just how it goes.


    1. jjj

      You are obviously blind. Ichigo’s feelings toward Hime sound more sibling like. He never once showed longing toward her as he did Rukia. He was clearly broken by Rukia’s choice to stay in Soul Society. Not to mention the emptiness he felt when he no longer could sense Rukia. Siblings don’t get those reactions toward one another. I know cause I have five of them. I could care less about them. Where they go is whatever. So yeah, your argument is mute.


  14. wtf

    I pray this is bullshit. I could give two shits about the ships, but I was hoping for sequel anime. Way too many unanswered questions and unseen bankais. Hell we never even seen yuroichis shikai. And we never found out who the fourth noble family is. There’s just so much shit left floating in the air, and this was a shitty ending. I think this spoiler is a hoax, but if its real, way to turn what was once an epic series into a complete steaming turd, Kubo.


  15. Lovelyz

    I’m an ICHIRUKI fan and I hate Kubo.
    The ending is soooo Cliché. WHY???????
    Why they always follow the cliché theory?
    The hero falling in love with the innocent,weak,naïve,poor girl.
    Now I won’t watch Bleach anymore and Bleach is the last SHONEN for me.
    Kubo dissapoint me. He made Bleach interesting because of ICHIRUKI but now, it’s not interesting anymore.
    People are fed up with cliché…. I though That BLEACH Will be different …… But Noooo.
    For Naruto, yeah Naruto and Hinata make sens since Sakura was already in love with Sasuke.
    But Rukia was FREE to love… and she seems more caring and loving toward Ichigo than Renji.


  16. Kimberly

    I’m extremely happy for RenRuki and IchiHime, though I was expecting this for quite a while now. I knew there is no way to save the plot, at least we got decent resolution pairing wise.


    1. jjj

      This is not a decent pairing. Completely not what is suppose to be. Renji is Rukia’s brother figure and hime is an obsessed bimbo with a one sided feeling. Ichiruki had clear chemistry.


  17. pppppppppp

    Notice that kazui’s zanpaktou is the same as ichigo’s? And that ichigo’s bankai is powered by yhwach? Something is definitely fishy.


  18. Shinichi

    I think this was the worst garbage bleach manga I ever see in my life. Same things happen to Negima Springfield manga, where Negi Springfield was supposedly end up either with Asuna or other young girls who was in love with him. I already knew that bleach was already dead ever since Aizen and Arrancars arc. I don’t know why Tite Kubo put love parried when he make a statement, “there no romances in both manga and anime”, but emotional friendships? Can someone please correct me if, what I’m saying right or wrong? I already knew that guy was nothing but been big trolled, because he stay one subject and next day he been jumping to a different subject. I wish that Kubo Sama just take a moment and read all the comments that many fans feel like he let them down. I don’t really care about crappies love parried but what ever happened to the Quincies, Arrancars Grimmjow, Nel Tu, and other characters.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      While me personally, I see nothing wrong with this chapter when it concerns the main characters. But I do agree with you that Kubo should have made this chapter bigger by showing us how all the other awesome characters are doing.


  19. kuroshinx

    I got hooked on Bleach ever since I first saw the battle with Ichigo and Zaraki. That blew my mind off xD. I never missed out an episode after watching everything from the start. I’m disappointed in the ending because the finale ended too quickly. There are so many questions unanswered and Bankais we haven’t seen yet! Arghhh!! Nevertheless, I do think it’s a perfect ending. I mean, my friends wanted Ichigo and Rukia to be together but somehow my twin brother and I couldn’t agree with it. We felt that Inoue and Kurosaki to be the right pair. After going through a series of serious yet hilarious debates after researching the manga and watching the entire anime many more times with my friends, I still can’t fathom the thought of Ichigo and Rukia being together. I felt that if romance ever appeared in this anime, it would be Rukia x Renji and Inoue x Kurosaki. Glad this manga came out as I predicted. Orihime is weak which made Ichigo all the more desire to protect her making him stronger like the time when he miraculously revived himself after hearing Orihime’s voice when fighting Ulqiorra. Rukia is as strong as she is with her newfounded Bankai. Renji x Rukia I didn’t have a strong point to back it up. I can only say that they rekindled their lost friendship and slowly escalated to what they were actually feeling for each other in the past (…well Renji mostly). If this had romance involved, then there was no way I could have debated this with my friends. But no romance so it stood firmly and now I get to laugh at their faces xD


  20. C

    NOT surprising since this happened before in shonen, DUH. Like when Naruto ended up with Hinata instead of Sakura, I swear to god. Then there’s Goku, who ended up with a dumb fucking bitch instead of Bulma, the closest to him. Also, they’ll probably do this with LuNa and NaLu since they put in Lisanna and Boa as hints that the main guy ends up with a dumb bitch instead of the goddamn girl who’s always there.


  21. Jessi

    I think that ending was horrible. I mean, I could shift my thinking and see it as both Rukia and Ichigo settling for those they end up with but honestly neither of them seemed at all interested in their current partners imo. I really think Kubo was just told to end the series and chose to do so in a way he thought would offend the most fans. But really, why the whole spill about how the worlds will never be joined now in the place that it is? The only way I could see that as being at all relevant is that now, once again, two people are meeting who can’t be together because they come from different worlds. And then the story has come full circle in a way, as Kubo said it would and this would then be how he really intended to end it all. And no, I’m not an Ichigo/Rukia shipper. I just can’t see any real romantic connections in the couples thrown together at the end here. One-sided connections, yes, but that’s just sad. No one wants to be the person someone ends up with because they were there and they settled. Ichigo and Orihime would be easier to swallow than Renji and Rukia which imo is just gross because they’ve known each other since they were young enough that they might as well be siblings. But anime and manga both like going with couples that have known each other since childhood. Either way, intended or not, I find the ending very disappointing. And whatever ever happened to having a real final battle? That ended way too quick. So lame.


  22. Naturetouch

    well i don’t like the ending at all and ichiruki didn’t happen because kubo was rushed and forced besides kubo ships ichiruki i have a feeling that ichihime and renruki was forced to happen i could be wrong if kubo wasn’t rushed then we could of got ichiruki but who knows i was kinda sad that ichiruki didn’t happen i don’t like ichihime or renruki i think those 2 couples are gross but ichiruki will always be my number 1 ship and always in my heart


  23. Ryuu

    This is the plot hole of plotholes…WTF is Ichigo doing in the human world? Didn’t they say he couldn’t be in the human world because his riatsu was too strong or something like that? Crap ending Kubo. The whole thousand year blood arc was the shittiest arc ever. Anyway thank God it is over. Poor Ichigo stuck with that horrid Orihime. Orihme is my second most hated anime female with that Kagome from Inuyasha having the top spot for being a useless big breasted buffoon.

    Should have ended with Ichigo dying, it was what I was hoping for.


  24. emla

    As a loyal fan who have stuck with Bleach for so long…WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Shipping wars aside, this…this was a bad ending. A SHITTY ending. I feel like Kubo had gone and flipped everything he wanted for his characters upside down in one chapter. Chad-who wanted to use his strength/fist to protect and not for personal gain, ended up becoming a boxer (personal gain); Ichigo who was so miserable as a freaking normal human being (is back to being a normal human); Ishida who swore never to be anything like his dad (a freaking doctor now), and Orihime, sweet Orihime who had so many dreams and career plans (now a house wife). How…mundane.

    Now I’m not into shipping that much, and I wouldn’t have minded the Ichihime ending. BUT COME ON!! For the life of me how can any Ichihime shippers be happy. One chapter, thats all yall got, ONE. How is that suppose to make up for the lack of ANY romantic interaction between those two. Heck, I’ve seen more cozier interaction between Rukia and Ichigo!! And lets not ignore the fact that the ending still ended Ichiruki themed. Renruki? I can see that, but still…kinda creepy too. Ugghhh it feels wrong!!! The ending doesn’t feel like Bleach!! I was angry and now I just feel…deflated.


  25. Jelly

    If bleach ever gets a spin off i hope ichigo wakes up next to rukia to find the last chapter was just a dream, and it being 20 yrs before they have children


  26. Steve O

    Bleach was my absolute favorite series & Im very sorry 2 see it end. I completey agree that it should’ve ended with Ichigo’s Epic battle with Aizen. Seeing Ichigo go Final Getsuga Tensho on Aizen 2 end it would’ve been a better ending than what we we’re given(Couples-Ichigo/Orihme-Renji/Rukia & their adorable children excluded)! I did really like how most of The 1000 year Blood war arc played out I just think we only got the Shitty rushed loose ended ending cause they rushed Kubo so he couldn’t finish the entire story like he wanted 2. I don’t in Anyway look forward 2 seeing a live action Bleach movie,Bleach belongs Animated. I really hope in time Kubo brings back the Anime & we get the last chapter Animated.


  27. Shina Light

    Wow, so many haters here and so much bitching about ships. I mean, yeah, I thought Rukia would end up with Ichigo too at one point, but from what I’ve seen, Ichihime became the clear intention by the time the ending rolled around. After all:

    * Kubo said once he wanted the manga to end with Rukia and Ichigi’s kids meeting, implying they weren’t going to be together.
    * As much as everybody talks about chemistry, Ichigo never actually showed an interest in Rukia or Orihime, nor did Rukia ever really show interest in him. Only Orihime ever made her feelings clear
    * The editors or somebody claimed Orihime was to be Ichigo’s main love interest, so it’s not like it came out of nowhere

    I just think Ichiruki fans are blinded and bitter about their ship not happening that they want to deny any legitimacy Ichihime had and come up with all this BS about Kubo being forced into. I’m sorry your ship didn’t happen, but that’s no reason to hate on Kubo or Orihime

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Shina Light

    Also, why do people keep saying they copied Naruto? Because it shows them in the future married with kids? But that’s not restricted to Naruto; a lot of books, shows, manga, etc. ends that way. It’s so common TVTropes even has a section about it called Babies Ever After


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