Bleach Announces Live-Action Movie Release 2018

We learnt that the final Bleach chapter 686 would be announcing something very special, many fans of the series tried to guess on what it might be. From the anime’s return, OVA, movies or even databooks. The final Bleach 686 chapter (spoilers) will be announcing a Live-Action film which will be slated for 2018.

Bleach Movie Announcement 2018

Bleach Hell Verse MovieAt this point in time, there is very little news to what the premise of the Bleach 2018 movie will be, but as time goes on, I’m sure we’ll get more information. Popular opinion on this news points to a little disappointment as the announcement news raised a lot of fan hope for the anime’s return.

With very little news, except for just this announcement, what are your initial thoughts on the announcement of a Bleach movie slated for 2018. What do you think it’ll be about? Be sure to comment down below.

Source: CRYPReddit.

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    Well I didn’t say what I thought the announcement would be, as long as it was on a live screen, but I thought it would be more like an ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m positive we will get more novel books, and hopefully we will get the anime back one day (still crossing my fingers), but a live action movie, they never turn out good.


  2. dreager1

    Yeah, I was hoping for an anime as well 😦 A live action movie can be decent I suppose, but I’m not sure how well this can translate to the big screen. Either way, I want a new anime season!!!!


      1. dreager1

        I could see them trying to adapt the first arc and then with the sequels they finally make it to the end, but it could be a while. I hope the pacing is good though since it’ll be tough to put the whole arc into a quick movie.


        1. Sunite

          Indeed, it seems like the way Kubo wrote this arc was very VERY quick, maybe it means that it’ll be part of the movie. This is me being optimistic, if there was a two-part movies for the final arc, I’d be happy to watch it. Covering the fights and so on thoroughly. Nevertheless, the movie will be good way to see everything in new animation, same characters etc just bring all the memories flooding back.


          1. dreager1

            Oh, if we’re talking about a possible animated movie someday, then I agree that it’ll definitely adapt this arc. Hopefully it’ll change the ending though since I just read the final chapter and thought it was rather bad. I don’t have much hope for the live action movie though, but hopefully it’ll be fairly decent. It’s still possible that Kubo will make some kind of sequel series or something so that would be neat as well.


  3. nickdunnaquatic

    I’m still hoping for the anime. I really hope this live action movie is decent. If the plot of the movie is the final battle against Yhwach, than I don’t believe we’ll get the anime back. But if it’s a new plot, than I have more hope. I also heard that we are getting character books, which I’m actually more excited for than this.


    1. LPEAST

      Yeah, its still too soon, to say “The Anime will not come back”, so there is still a chance, and I doubt it the Live Action would be be based off the final battle with Yhwach, (if they did it would be animated, not on live action).
      The character novels, do sound a lot more exiting than the Live-Action, (I hope they will be released in English though)


  4. Karandi

    I’m also still hoping for an anime reboot. I just don’t see how Bleach could work as a live action. Not without some severe modification and then it wouldn’t be Bleach anymore.


  5. Will

    This was a huge disappointment in my book. Any would they create a live action movie they would do better business if they were to revive the anime… Apparently the rumor is that the reason why they ended bleach at 366 is because of all the files which deceased sales or whatever… Bold down to lack of money being made. I believe if they were to reduce the bleach anime instead of this movie do we all remember DragonBall live action movie horrible and this will be the same… Anime and Manga are not to be made with real humans… We are supposed to enjoy the characters in a book or in an anime… I am not looking forward to this. I really was hoping that they were going to give everyone what we have all been wanting the return of the anime… Had there been a huge want for a live action movie that I am completely unaware of? I do believe that 99.9 percent of the titles fans have been wanting the return not a L. A. M… SAD… bad choice…


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