Death & Strawberry! Yhwach’s Reiatsu – Bleach 686 (END)

Bleach 686 marks the final Bleach chapter, we move 10 years ahead with Ichigo married to Orihime with Kazui Kurosaki as their child, while Rukia is married to Renji with their child Ichika Abarai. We finally see the disappearance of Yhwach as his reiatsu disperses when Kazui touches it, to Aizen talking about how a world fearing death is better.

Bleach 686 begins as we see Kazui Kurosaki within Hiyori’s building, she chases him out after he’s snooping there for no reason. In Soul Society, we see Byakuya being told that Yhwach’s reiatsu has appeared within the 13th Squad Barracks. Soi Fon also appears as she mentions that they should also bring Rukia as it’s her squad, but it doesn’t matter as she’s been through a lot, and thus he can handle it.

They get there to notice that Mayuri is there, seems like the others have also caught onto the news that Yhwach’s reiatsu has appeared.  We see a huge round thing appear which circles as Yhwach’s eyes also appear, but his physical body is no longer there. Elsewhere, we see Ichigo Kurosaki meet with Rukia and Renji as they enter the house.

We see others there to such as their high school friends as well as Ichigo’s sisters, Yuzu and Karin. They’ve got some popcorn and soda to eat. They’ve gotten really big too. They’re watching the TV as we see that the WBO Heavyweight Title Match is playing, in which Chad is a part of. At the same time, we see Uryu on top of the hospital watching the same show from his phone. Uryu was supposed to show up but couldn’t come due to time constraints in the hospital.

The match is about to begin as Orihime also shows up with her apron, she takes it off as they asks where Kazui might be. They mention that he’s upstairs in Yuzu’s room. Ichigo also asks Rukia and Renji if they’re going to bring their kid around. They mention that she’s now a trainee-Shinigami and that she should show up soon enough.

We see Kazui up in the room notice a small hole where it seems to have some sort or eye, similar to that of Yhwach, it seems to be linked to the one in Soul Society. It seems to be getting larger, when Kazui reaches his arms in it, it seems to have disappeared from Soul Society. It seems the remnants of Yhwach’s reiatsu has vanished. We notice a imprisoned Aizen, we return to the past as we see Ichigo and Yhwach talk about his path.

The path to a world without no fear, the present one was meant to be one, Life and death both twisted and fused together,  they were destined to all be one and the same. However, this will never happen as Ichigo’s efforts will mean that Life and Death will never lose their current forms. And all those breath will always fear death for all eternity.

Aizen mentions that a world without fear means that none will be able to find their path. However, this will not compare to a world with fear as those will keep death at bay. There is a name called to those who will face death straight on and pursue greatness, this world is Courage. When the hole that Kazui reached into disappears, another appears behind in, in which a girl shows up.

She introduces herself as Ichika Abarai, a shinigami apprentice. Kazui introduces himself as Kazui Kurosaki, to which he also shows his Shinigami form and sword, which is quite similar to Ichigo’s (the handle at least), nevertheless, Ichika is shocked to see him in this form. Bleach 686 ends here, this marks the end of a great and fantastic series.

A magnificent manga has just ended, and to be honest, I think I like how it ended, some may not, some may. I believe that the course of how Kubo laid his groundworks for this was shown in the 10 years we didn’t see. Nevertheless, it seems like Ichika and Kazui will have their own adventures together. It’s been a great 15 years, what do you think? Go ahead and comment down below, tell me what you think.

~Farewell Bleach~

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  1. Hugo

    Kazui Kurosaki . Didn’t you find something interesting ? When Yhwach said he will come back and crush this happiness moment : kazui put his hand into the hole and last rests of Yhwach disappeared .


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    This was the kind of chapter I would expect from Kubo. I honestly wished we didn’t get to see this chapter so soon and without answering all the questions still floating around. I favorite part was anything to do with Ichigo and his friends and family. But here are my questions.

    – Who is the new Soul King? Yhwach is dead, and Aizen is back in the Muken, so who is currently balancing the three dimensions?

    -Where are the surviving Sternritter? I honestly don’t believe Kubo would have killed them all off. The only ones I can see surviving are Askin, Liltotto, Bazz-B, and Giselle. Maybe Jugram as well because he could have survived Auswählen. Maybe even Candice, NaNaNa, and Meninas as well. I just hope some Sternritter are alive and living together somewhere in the world of the living.

    -How are the Arrancar? Nelliel went to save Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Grimmjow from Askin’s Gift Ball Deluxe. So did she do it? Is she, her Fraccion, Grimmjow, Harribel, and her Fraccion living peacefully in Hueco Mundo?

    -Where are Isshin and Ryuken? They are only in their mid 50s at this point and should still be around.

    -Where are the Fullbringers? Are Ginjou, Tsukishima, and Girikko still in the Soul Society because they are dead? Did Yukio finally take control of his family’s business? Because if he did, he’d said he’d house all the Fullbringers together to live with him. So maybe Chad and Jackie l8v3 with him. Maybe Kiuske made the dead Fullbringers living Gigai so they can live in the world of the living.

    – How are Kisuke and Yoruichi? I’m assuming they are okay. Hell, I heard that maybe Askin works in the shop with them would be a good idea.

    -This is more of a request, but I wish we will get the anime back. So Kubo can show us all he promised to show. I didn’t like how Yhwach’s plan was revealed like this. I wanted to see a detailed flashback explaining why Yhwach wants everything to be as one.

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  3. Ultimate Coordinator

    Go to and sign the petition for Bleach Anime Back. It has approximately 24000 people already. Who knows it might help. BLEACH’s popularity could increase once its back & we could get more after that.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      I personally don’t think so. If the anime returns, I want Kubo to reveal all that he intended to in the manga. So that this ending can be much better can we can see how all the characters are doing.

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  4. kurosaki-z

    some fans are mad at kubo and wsj, but for me this great ending and kazui and ichika cuteness complete this last chapter…byee bleach…


  5. Zajec88

    I’m Matthew from Poland.
    I have some questions about the ending of BLEACH.

    1. Why the last chapter is named DEATH & STRAWBERRY?

    Is “Strawberry” meaning the kid of Rukia and Renji?
    Is “Death” meaning the death of JUHA or is about Kazui – the kid of Ichigo and Orihime?
    If the DEATH means Kazui Kurosaki – why it must be the word DEATH? Does he kill JUHA or does he absorb his power to ressurect in some future new JUHA and kills Ichigo in his happy momments?

    2. How the fuck RENJI and RUKIA can have kids??!! THEY ARE SOULS RIGHT?!! Souls can’t have any kids!! ONLY HUMAN CAN FUCK AND MAKE KIDS! So please explain this to me.

    3. What was this special annoucment in last chapter? Because I can’t find it any words..

    Best Regards,


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      1. Death & Strawberry is the title of the first chapter and volume of Bleach. Strawberry is supposed to be Ichigo, because part of his name means strawberry. Death means that Ichigo became a Shinigami when Rukia gave him her powers. Kazuki seems to just realize that he is a Shinigami. Maybe he activated it when he absorbed the last of Yhwach’s Reiatsu. Shinigami are dead, so that’s why Death is in the title.

      2. Shinigami can have children. Alot of Shinigamihave families. Its no different from humans other than they age very slowly. Byakuya has a grandfather and father. Sui-Feng had a grandmother and brothers, Sajin had a grandfather, Isshin has cousins, Jushiro had younger siblings, Shunsui had a brother and a niece. The list goes on.

      3. Other than the live action Bleach movie happening in 2018, I’m not sure what else is shown. I’ll check and see.

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  6. gllz

    so Kazui’s zanpaktou has a shwastika, like ichigos bankai? ion byakuya is still mastarbating while the likes of renji and rukia are making babies…………😂😂😂


  7. dreager1

    I definitely didn’t like the ending….at all, but I did love the series so it will be missed. Bleach has always been one of my favorite titles of all the time I doubt it will be passed by any new series for quite a while. I’d definitely love to see a sequel to Bleach, but I’d like Ichigo to still be the main character so it’s not too similar to Boruto. Well, I’ll be awaiting the new anime…once it comes out!


    1. Sunite

      Hey, I asked around. Seems like it might be a fake image, potentially created by someone who read the synopsis and created the image as it looks quite similar to Ichika. It looks similar to her but isn’t her.


  8. Matthew

    After finally reading this chapter, I agree with you. I think it was a nice way to conclude this series and if there is more to come, we can start anew with these two characters. I will miss Bleach. Time to say bye to another member of the Big 3.


  9. Bankai of Red Dragon Nitro

    Why does everyone think Kazui destroyed Yhwach? He said if anyone followed him in the portal he would go to the moment in time that they were the happiest and destroy that. I mean c’mon we see Ichigo slice Yhwach in half in 684 and 686. Do you think that was a coincidence? Yhwach was traveling to their happiest moment Ichigo and Inoue married with a son. Renji and Rukia married with a daughter (Rukia just finishing he promotion to captain before leaving to Karakura Town to meet Ichigo), Soul Society just finishing rebuilding and at peace. Ichigo’s son Kazui was a dumb as who’s curiosity in touching Yhwach’s energy was the equivalent of sticking a fork in an electrical socket! Kid wasn’t even in his shinigami form at the time. Daddy just so happened to kill Yhwach in the time poreal before Yhwach could kill Ichigo and Co, as well as, destroy soul society again at their moment of greatest happiness. That is all, Kazui wasn’t all powerful and destroyed Yhwach. Ichigo destroyed him. I’m betting that the emergence of the original shikai form of Zangestsu after Zangestsu 3.0 (read: the twin Zangetsus) was destroyed by Yhwach was a result of bending space and time when Ichigo followed Yhwach into the time portal. Easy peasy.


  10. Rukia Kuchiki

    I LOVED THE ENDING! It was actually really good, despite what others have said about it. I mean,it did have some unanswered questions, but in the end it was a happy ending. I love Bleach,and I am going to miss reading it. At least there is a light novel coming out soon! Now I can reread Bleach and maybe collect it! Good bye, Bleach,and I will always love you!

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