RIP Obito! Fighting Back – Naruto Shippuden 472

Naruto Shippuden 472 see’s the death of Obito as he crumbles into ash after Kaguya attacking him. Sasuke tries to keep Kaguya at bay as we go through some past bits from Obito’s memories as well as thoughts on how it would have gone if Obito didn’t meet with Madara and had never took the path he did.

Naruto Shippuden 472 begins with Obito saving all of them from the bones which Kaguya was sending, he even saves Kakashi. Obito knows that this is their crucial time. Even Naruto cannot save Obito’s health as it seems like it’ll be something permanent. He’s hopeless, we even remember the times when Obito saw Rin’s death, as well as everything after that, when he joined the Akatsuki also.

To the moments when he summoned Kurama in the Leaf, and during Minato’s death. He along with the other Akatsuki got all the Tailed Beasts and extracted all their strength. Even teamed up with Kabuto, revived Madara Uchiha and the Ten Tail’s Gedo Statue to transform himself into an even stronger being.

Sasuke has his visual power back which allows him to quickly lunge towards Kaguya and attack, it forces Kaguya to change worlds to the master one. At which point Sasuke goes to fight Kaguya on his own as Naruto stays with Obito. Obito begins by saying that he learnt a lot from fighting Naruto. He was able to reflect upon everything that had happened.

Obito even remembers Rin and how she will always be by his side, and thus begins to remember what would have happened if he actually was with Kakashi and others including the fact that he had never met Madara Uchiha, how he would have become a Hokage. He could have been someone who belonged and someone of the people.

Obito and Kakashi are working together, they even see a peaceful village where Naruto and Sasuke are in the same team. He imagines himself being the man who could have made something for himself. Obito mentions that he’d like for Naruto to become a Hokage! To which we see the end of Obito.

Sasuke keeps on fighting Kaguya, Zetsu notices the death of Obito, this is when Naruto gets enraged and attacks Kaguya by cutting her hand off. We notice Zetsu and Rin together at last, he is happy that she has been waiting for him all this time. Naruto Shippuden 472 ends here.

A pretty good episode, next week’s Naruto Shippuden 473, titled “The Sharingan Revived”, we might be getting closer to the end as Obito helps Kakashi from the overworld as he gives him the Sharingan as well as help Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura defeat Kaguya, we’re very close.

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