Thank You and Goodbye to Bleach

I have been watching and reading Bleach for quite a few years now, it has thus far been one of my favourite series as well as being one of the reasons why I began writing on this blog. 18/08/2016 marks the day of Bleach manga end as Kubo Tite finishes and releases the final Bleach 686 chapter. I’d like to use this post as a way to say thank you and goodbye to Bleach.

Bleach End

I began watching Bleach a really long time ago, maybe 2006/2007, I began by watching the series after all the hype it currently had, I had no idea why it was so popular at the time and thus I watched it. I was still quite young, and the whole aspect of ghosts/hollows/Shinigami’s etc didn’t help me since I dropped the show after a couple of episodes.

I got a little scared and dropped it. A couple of months later, I noticed how much more hype the show had garnered, so I gave it a shot and surprisingly I was hooked, I flew past the first few episodes. Met Byakuya and Renji as they appeared to bring back Rukia, she was about to get executed so Ichigo and friends took to Urahara and Yoruichi to get to Soul Society.

They got there and fought against Zaraki, then Ichigo learned how to enable his Bankai, fought against Byakuya and was capable of bringing Rukia to safety. Afterwards, we met the Visoreds as well as Aizen who turned out to be the biggest enemy the show had seen. Ichigo enabled his Final Getsuga Tensho and defeated Aizen, he lost his powers only to regain his Fullbringer abilities, he got those stolen too but regained his reiatsu when Rukia stabbed him.

The Quincies begin their invasion into Soul Society where many captains such as Yamamoto and Komamura die or lose their abilities. Squad Zero gets involved but they are unable to defeat Yhwach after the Soul King’s abilities get absorbed. Ichigo loses his abilities multiple times, along with Tensa Zangetsu getting destroyed time and time ago, but he relies on his own powers to work alongside Aizen to defeat Yhwach.

10 Years later, Ichigo and Orihime are now married with Kazui Kurosaki as their child, also a Shinigami, while Rukia and Renji are also married with Ichika Abarai as their child, who is also a Shinigami. Yhwach’s reiatsu disappearances as Aizen is once again locked up. Furthermore, Rukia’s also a captain, along with some other new captains taking vacant positions. Kubo ends the show looking into the next generation with both Ichika and Kazui’s future journeys.

With how the series has gone, I am extremely happy in the way the show has ended. Some may argue otherwise, for example the individuals who got married, but overall I am happy to see Kubo’s image and thoughts go into what he believed to be the correct end for the show. Bleach has become such a big part of my life (and other people’s too) that one of the reasons for the existence of Daily Anime Art was Bleach, at that point in time, I was really into Bleach (along with some other series like Naruto and Fairy Tail) that I began this blog to post Bleach fan art.

From then on, I began doing reviews, commentating on Bleach anime episodes and manga chapters, as well as covering cosplay, news and so on. It’s come a long way from that point that it’s come to a point where I have to say goodbye to the series. I’d like to thank Tite Kubo for all the hard work he’s invested into Bleach, as well as the anime team for animating such a fantastic series. Whatever Kubo does next, I will definitely read it.

Just so you know I am not abandoning the Bleach series or any future work that may arise, such as the Bleach Movie 2018, I will keep an eye out for any news, thoughts, cosplay etc of the series. If the anime ever comes back, I will definitely be covering it here (still hopeful). So with that said, I’d like to go through a few comments other mangaka’s have made during the end of Bleach manga which was shown in the comment section of the Weekly Shonen Jump.

  • Tite Kubo (Bleach): Somehow after these 15 years, I was able to finish drawing Bleach! I am incredibly thankful to all of you who continued to read and somehow show your support, and also to Ichigo and his pals.
  • Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia): I always used to shout “Ban! Kai!” as I opened my umbrella. Congratulations on the conclusion of Bleach.
  • Haruichi Furudate (Haikyuu!!): I always looked up to and yearned to match your awesome visual style. Thank you for all your hard work, Kubo-Sensei!
  • Eiichiro Oda (One Piece): You did excellent work on Bleach for the past 15 years, Kubo-San! Now go and have yourself a good rest!
  • Kawada (Hinomaru Zumo): I’ve always admired your work. It was always so cool, right up to the very end! Thanks for everything, Kubo-Sensei!
  • Yuuki Tabata (Black Clover): You are a huge influence for me. Thanks for all of your hard work on a long and successful serialization, Kubo-Sensei!
  • Daisuke Ashihara (World Trigger): And Bleach finally reaches it’s conclusion. Kubo-Sensei, many thanks for your hard work!
  • Osamu Akimoto (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo): Nice work, Kubo-Kun! Now rest up and go on a nice trip somewhere!
  • Koyoharu Goteuge (Kimetsu No Yaiba): Thank you for everything, Kubo-Sensei. I always loved Bleach ever since I started it in college.
  • Yuuto Tsukuda/Shun Saeki (Shokugeki no Souma): Kubo-Sensei, you must be tired after all your hard work! I’m really looking forward to your next work as well!
  • Shuuichi Aso (Saiki Kusou No Psi-Nan): Kubo-Sensei, Thank you so much for your incredible work over the past 15 years! I’ll be waiting for your next work!
  • Hideaki Sorachi (Gintama): Once again, Jump just got a little bit lonelier. Kubo-Sensei, please come back soon.
  • Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (Toriko): Komi-Sensei, Kubo-Sensei, Thank you for your great work on two long and successful serializations!
  • Ryou Nakama (Isobe Isobee Monogatari: Ukiyo Wa Tsurai Yo): Congratulations to Kubo-San on the conclusion of Bleach, and Isobee for reaching 200 characters!

With so many positive comments by other mangaka’s, what are some of your opinions, what would you like to say during the end of Bleach? How did you get started in the series, and what is your opinion on its end. Use the comment section below to tell  me.

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  1. renxkyoko

    I’m sure you’re sad to let it go… I am surprised that it was Ichigo and Orihime at the end…. I have always thought it would be Rukia. We have up to 165 episodes in our Bleach dvd collection, and more of the manga…. we couldn’t afford to buy anymore, lol. And since it was only recently when we got to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu, we did miss out on so many episodes until even binge watching had become practically impossible. I hope I can find the time to sit down and start from where I left off, ( 165th episode )….. Bleach has always been a favorite. Wow. Ichigo and Orihime. Maybe I should pay more attention to her if I do get to watch again.

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    1. Sunite

      I will definitely miss the show, It’s been such a good part of my anime life that waiting for new episodes or chapters every week will be different. But then again, when you lose something, you watch something else, I think it’ll be One Piece next. With Orihime and Ichigo, I always liked them better compared to Rukia. I kind of knew that Rukia would end up with Renji since they’ve also had a good past, plus I think Kubo didn’t want to leave Renji without someone he can love. Since your at episode 165, I think you’ve left at the worst possible time, those next couple of eps features Ichigo vs Grimmjow, which is an insane fight to watch. Definitely worth watching and carrying on. Would love to hear your opinion when you’re all caught up 😀


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    I’m really going to miss Bleach. If things have been different, and Kubo was allowed to show what he wanted, we wouldn’t have to say goodbye so soon. The ending was alright, wasn’t the best but also wasn’t the worst. Bleach was mu first serious anime that I have watched and read throughout the years. I’ve been reading Bleach for 9 years. I’ll have to get used to not reading Bleach anymore. Bleach has brought me so much joy throughout the years, and I am going to miss it dearly. Bleach was the reason I found Sunite’s amazing blog, and why I’ll still be on this blog from now on. Thank you Bleach, and I’ll miss you very much.


    1. Sunite

      Indeed, it was also one of my more serious animes. My list of shows wasn’t very comprehensive back then. 9 years is definitely a long time, and has definitely been a great ride during that time. I’m really glad your here, I can always count on you having an opinion that will make me think differently and question stuff at times.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Thanks Sunite! 🙂 I really enjoy being here. You introduced me to some awesome anime. And I happen to like your opinions as well. You have a very insightful viewpoint.


  3. LifeAlpha

    Well, had to fill these identities to comment…

    Bleach, if I’d be honest, compared to the other 2 names in the Holy Shonen Trinity, this one name is definitely the most underrated/overlooked. People will say it’s shit and in a no way it should be on the same tier as OP & Naruto. I, too, had it not been because of my boredom that I started reading Bleach, will probably kept thinking that way…

    But who would’ve been thought, as a series that I always completely hated, as a series that makes me think “this series is so overhyped man, why do people even likes it. OP / Naruto over Bleach any day” all the time … turned out to be THE GREATEST MANGA I’VE EVER READ.

    Back then I always thought that way. Bleach, in a no way, deserves to be up there with OP & Naruto. Bleach, in a no way, deserves to receive all the hypes. Due that, I hated the series, even when I knew nothing about it back then. Until one day, in the fasting month, I got bored and started reading it. Wasn’t the fastest binge indeed, but I managed to finish both its anime & manga in less than a month.

    Thanks for reminding me the first couple arcs… When Rukia told Ichigo not to follow her in the SS, when Zaraki got in the way… and many, many more. All those epicness…
    I was really surprised at how GOOD this manga is. All the plot twist, story, etc. they’re all there. Heck, I even freaked out when Aizen stabbed Momo and revealed it was all act, and that he was the actual villain (at that time). The plot twist… It had a huge impact on me and lasted forever, even now, when I’m writing this paragraphs. The moment Gin backfired Aizen, too. And Yoruichi… And Ukitake… And Tsukishima where he turned out to be with the gang… And so on. There were also goosebumps moments. When Yamamoto actually fought (War arc), when Yamamoto activated his bankai (damn dude I still got the chills all over my body while writing this), when Unohana activated his bankai, too… And so on.
    When I first hooked into Bleach, I used to talk to my pals about it, like, literally anything that happened or happening, hahah. I can never put a stop in that. My pal often told me “go read further, there will be more surprising shit”, which was never wrong.
    In short, from its very first chapter, Bleach has left me real amazing memories which I can’t recall one by one. And thanks for this amazing article btw.

    Despite what others said, despite how it ended (which, not gonna lie, I also got disappointed by it) Bleach was, is, and will always be my top 2 manga EVER and no one can change my opinion on that.

    And let’s just leave it here, Yamamoto is the strongest character in Bleach EVER imo. I used to make graphic design about him, titled it “Mr. OP as Fuck”.

    Now whenever someone asks for shounen recommendation, I would definitely say Bleach before all else.

    And, as a guy who once hated and misjudged Bleach when I knew nothing about it back then … may God forgive what I’ve sinned.


  4. sanchi

    My first seeing Bleach was late, it was the anime being shown on the Cartoon Network. It kept on repeating from the beginning whenever it reached the last episode, so I finally read the manga, which gave more details than the anime version, and kept on reading the manga, and haven’t found a replacement manga since Bleach ended. Like other mangas that had a deadline to end, there are many theme stories left hanging that I wish would have had some proper conclusion or ending. I got the impression this whole Bleach Manga was because of the fault on the Soul King and the SK fathering YH. Yeah, it centered around the hero Ichigo, but at the end the SK wasn’t needed to keep the three worlds in harmony? What of the Quincy world, is there life after YH sucked the life out of them, except for those like Ishida or those left in SS? What of the Arrancar like Grimmjow and Nell and the HM underworld? Who makes the new swords for the new shinigami since Oetsu Nimaya was killed? What happened to Yoruichi and her younger brother Yushiro that was dying? Where did Ganju Shiba disappear to when he was in the Royal Palace? Why wasn’t Gin around to prevent Matsumoto becoming a zombie by Giselle Gewelle when he said he would protect her? So many more questions. Its endless.

    I hoped there might be some extra chapters or something like what Assassination Classroom had at the end of its manga. Maybe the anime may give a better and fuller ending when its done.


  5. Yemic

    Just found this site today, a great site for anime and manga lovers. Please guys can you advice on a very good series I can start? it could be manga or anime. Thanks


  6. chrono

    It really is a shame that the ending had to be soooo rushed. So many unanswered questions which i was really looking forward to having them answered with the plot twists I know tite to be fond of.

    I really wish the last arc could be animated with the right ending. Aniwho, for the past 7 years ive been really looking forward to the reading the last chapter, funny thing though, even upto now I still haven’t read it, jus seen the reviews, can’t bring myself to do it I guess. It was an awesome anime, an even more awesome manga, like seriously, I hated how short the chapters were, but the man is a poet, his chapters and volumes are pure poetry. My favourite of all time is ‘everything but the rain’ volume. Doubt ill ever love a manga more than this one. Thanks sunite, you’ve been awesome and thanks kubo-san.

    Gues ill go back to one piece after taking a long ass break from it.


  7. Arielle J Wales

    I want to say that the anime bleach has been a favorite part of my life. It has kept me happy from my own depression. When I wanted to die or kill myself I would watch bleach and for some reason I felt better. So thank you Tite Kubo for creating the one coping skill I have attained over the years.


  8. sepultura13

    What a shame it had to end…Bleach is my top favourite anime series, and I’m disappointed that Cartoon Network hasn’t shown many new episodes since the end of the Sosuke Aizen story arc – I’ll just have to start getting the manga and start at the beginning, I suppose.
    Kenpachi was always my favourite character, incidentally!



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