Fairy Tail 482 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Seems like always, Fairy Tail 482 spoilers have appeared online, including images and a draft story on what will be happening. If you’d like to know what happens, be sure to go ahead and read ahead, otherwise stop reading now.

Fairy Tail 482, titled Fighting Spirit, see’s Erza being tortured once against by the three members of the enemy in front of her. This includes Kyouka who previously tortured her before. Her fear from back then are revived here but Erza’s fighting spirit reawakens and allows her to push through the fear and strengthens her resolve.

Neinhart’s magic disappears as soon as Erza loses her consciousness, this is when Erza uses her own will as she mentions for the ghosts in front of her to disappear before she gets mad and slashes them as she did previously.

Neinhart is startled and frightened by the phantoms disappearing. Out of nowhere, Jellal appears with an angry face. It thus allows Jellal to fight against him. Seems like the chapter ends here.

The ending statement goes as follows: Anger, horror, a variety of feelings bloom on the battlefield!, seems like we’ll be getting a 25 page colour cover special next time. Fairy Tail 483 will be titled “Seven Stars.”

So what do you think with this chapter, it feels like quite a short chapter, but we’ll just have to wait till it’s actually released, potentially on Monday.

What do you think?

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