Karin Delivered Sarada! Sakura Is Mother – Naruto Gaiden 10 (END)

Naruto Gaiden 10 comes to a close as we confirm that Sakura is actually the mother of Sarada while Karin is in fact the person who delivered Sarada when Sakura was in their hideout. While Sarada might not know this, she understands that it’s feelings and connections that connect them together, and what makes who they are. This is the final chapter of this series.

Naruto Gaiden 10 begins with Sarada showing her power as she jumps into the middle of all the Shin’s and kicks their ass. Naruto stops one of these Shin’s and shows him Kurama, to which it scares him. He tells him that there is nothing to be afraid of, if he doesn’t do any worse, than he won’t do anything either.

Sasuke calls him too soft, asking what he’s going to do to them. He said that there is an organisation for orphaned kids, Sasuke knows that they have Sharingan’s to which he will support them with their training and so on. Chocho tells Sarada that her own family is awesome, having total superhuman strength.

Her eyes have also activated with her Sharingan. Sakura approaches Sarada and quickly gives her a big hug, mentioning that she very worried. She also mentions that she learnt about their plans to fight from Shizune, she mentions that she is her child, no doubt about it. And an idiot child that is.

Sarada goes on to mention that it’s what feelings that make and connect everyone. Sarada asks if her feelings are well and truly connected to Sakura, to which Sasuke mentions that it’s true, while Sarada asks how she can believe him.

To which Sakura and Sasuke mentions it is because they have her. They all go on ahead. At the orphanage we see all the Shin’s, even the big one, as Kabuto has become the head of the orphanage, he mentions that he is their father now. Elsewhere, we see Chocho notice someone from the back as she asks if they’re her real parents.

Out of nowhere, we see Choji in his slimmer form to which Chocho is shocked, Ino mentions that anyone who might see him now would be shocked at this form now. Chocho asks if this is some kind of secret passed down through the Akimichi clan, to which is it, and quickly asks to start her training tomorrow.

After some time, we go through the day as Sarada, Sasuke and Sakura all spent the night together as they eat some food together. It’s time for Sasuke to once again go on a mission, Sasuke goes on to hug her, on top of which he puts his fingers on Sarada’s forehead. Sakura gives Sasuke his lunch, and they look at each other, but he keeps her waiting and not kiss her.

He smiles as he moves on, later on Boruto talks to Sarada thanking her for what she’s done and delivering the lunch box. She mentions that she also reached her own goals, so it’s him who she will thank. Sarada mentions that she wants to become Hokage so she can help everyone, to which Boruto thinks she’s ridiculous.

Furthermore, Karin quickly mentions that she’s the one who delivered Sarada, the DNA she got was from the umbilical cord between Sakura and Sarada. Sakura was chasing after Sasuke when she ended up at the hideout where she helped deliver Sakura.

Karin mentions that she just wants Sasuke to be happy, and there is also some friendship between woman too, she’s not over him. Connections comes in many forms, she also mention that he needs to apologize to Sarada for all of it. And she owes him a new pair of sunglasses. She’s also outgrown the last one she gave her. We see a family portrait of Sarada with Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada. Naruto Gaiden 10 ends here.

A fantastic end to the series, on top of which Sarada probably now knows that Sakura is her real mother. And having a brilliant new family portrait to make it all nice and legit, is something that she will truly like. This is the end of this series, so there most likely won’t be any more chapters after this. Although, a new spin-off series would also be pretty cool.

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  1. Crimson Kinghgf

    When Kishi said it would be short he wasn’t kidding. I was expecting at least a year of Gaiden. This miniseries, entitled “The Seventh Hokage”, is mainly about Sasuke and Sarada. Go figure… the original series favored Sasuke over Naruto as well. Naruto’s one glaring act was to take in the Shin clones. Shouldn’t this series have been more about Naruto’s life as Hokage and his relationship with Bolt? I’m not happy with the end.


    1. Sunite

      The whole title is “Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring” so it does reveal Naruto as the Hokage, but also states a Scarlet Spring, which I believe to possibly be related to Karin, with her red hair because she’s also a large part of this series. Nevertheless, I don’t think this series was meant to be about Boruto at all, but in fact Sarada. A much larger and much more specific manga series will most likely be written, or in the stages of planning to prepare the full story for the canon chapters to reveal everything from Boruto, Himawari, Mitsuki and all the other kids.


      1. Crimson Kinghgf

        Be that as it may, it had relatively little to do with Naruto, which is why I’m disappointed, and one way or another it had far more to do with Sasuke. His first order of business is a story about Sasuke’s family instead of Naruto’s??? I tell you the man blatantly shows his highest regard for all things Uchiha every chance he gets. I actually like Sasuke’s character a lot, but Kishi has made me also hate him a little with the way constantly favored Sasuke whenever he and Naruto battled…. and now this miniseries dedicated to Sasuke’s domestic issues.. lol.

        Is there any solid information that Kishi is doing another series?


        1. Sunite

          No solid info on there being another series, but the way Naruto is, and how much money there is in that show, there is no reason for him to stop here. I get what you mean, but the sheer size of Naruto and other characters, Kishi has to concentrate on all types of characters and develop their emotions, backgrounds, and characters as a whole. He can’t leave them being the son or daughter of other characters we knew. I think this is his chance to concentrate on other minor characters, and calm down a little, if you know what I mean.


          1. Crimson Kinghgf

            Yeah, I had initially thought the series would focus mostly on all the children whenever it wasn’t focused on Naruto’s life as Hokage and of course other misc. goings on in the village. I accepted the story about Sarada wholeheartedly thinking there was more to come… until the story ended abruptly, making her story the only story. When Shippuden ended we knew immediately that Gaiden was coming. As far as we know now, there is no more Naruto.

            And I really don’t know what you mean. What was wrong with my comment?


            1. Sunite

              Oh nothing was wrong I was just saying that as Naruto as a series is massive, and the Naruto world is massive, there is a lot he can cover, he could keep on doing spin off to allow him to cover all the aspects like Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada and other stories that he may want to cover.


  2. Joyce Macayan

    If that is Sarada’s umberical cord.. then it should appear error than matched..
    As far as I know, you can’t test both dna samples from the same person..
    And besides, Suigetsu performed a maternal test..


    1. lala

      Are you a moron? Of course you can compare two samples of your own dna? How do you think they catch criminals? That’s why it was a 100% match. Some of you are such retards.


  3. ghada

    i am a little shocked when i heard this is the end of manga it’s too short but i liked it though because sasuke is a hero in naruto just as naruto and the hole” naruto” and” naruto shippuden” focused on naruto a lot and the last movie of naruto showed the love story of naruto and hinata so i really want to see the story of sasusaku because they are an important couple just like the last ones…..to me sasuke and naruto are both equal and amazing….and it looks like there’s something bizzare behind sasusaku’s relashionship


  4. Marek Stoklasa

    Honestly, this was just sooooo bad. Granted there were a few very cool fight moments (gotta love it when Tailed beast mode is in the scene) but altogether there is just so many things wrong with this i dont even know where to begin. The most glaring thing is, why make us think that Karin is Sarada’s mother (especially since it actually makes sense), only for it to be “disproved” at the end. If this was about the “relationship” between Sarada, Sakura and Sasuke, than this was like the worst possible thing to use to show us. It only tells us that Sarada was born because Sakura chased Sasuke, it tells us that Sarada doesnt even know her father because he is gone for frikin 10 years out of her 11 or so and it tells us that Sasuke doesnt really care for Sakura at all, again because he was gone and even when he came back he barely even bothered to speak with her or show any kind of affection. Gotta feel sorry for Sakura even tho she is kinda stupid (and instead of proud Kunoichi or a medical nin, she wanted to be, she became stay at home mom, nothing against it, just goes against what she wanted to become is all), if this was really what she wished for when she was young and in love with Sasuke than self destructive tendencies dont even begin to describe it. Also poor Karin, she saved Sasuke several times and always cared for him, and than he goes and has her deliver his kid that he has with someone else, talk about being a douche. The weak explanation about there being a bond between girls doesn really tell us anything. Also the fact she kept the cord is kinda weird, not to mention disgusting. As much as i like Naruto, he is a moron too, considernig that he grew up without parents i always figured he would be an awesome dad, instead he is a jerk to Boruto (who in turn is a moron, specially in Boruto the movie), explain to me, why exactly he cant use the clones to help him out, he does it in the movie once only for the clone to dispel. Why cant he switch places with the clone and leave clone in the office, why he couldnt train Boruto with his clone and spend time with him. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE! I know that he is Hokage now and stuff, Yondaime also decided to seal Kurama in him for good of the village, but there is no crisis for Naruto to face, why cant he find the time, or at least make the clone to spend time with his family. Jeez.
    Aside for Naruto actually becoming Hokage, this doesnt feel like a happy ending at all. I am not strictly against SasuSaku but damn if this doesnt feel wrong on so many levels… What a screwed up ending to what was for me the best Anime and a huge passion.


  5. Ashley

    No, the reason Sasuke is gone is because he has to leave the village because people will try to attack the Hidden Leaf to get his Sharingan. He is constantly on the move so people won’t know where he is. Quoted from Karin. Watch the Naruto ending episodes about Sasuke.


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