Favorite Goofy Anime Character

As part of the 30 days anime challenge, today I’ll be answering day 21 who I think is a favourite goofy anime character. The list is long and can expand with multiple explanations, but I’ll try to keep it short. Let’s go ahead and talk goofy character.

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mako_mankanshoku_fight_club_spec_two_star_uniform_by_hope1134Let’s begin, the first character I’d like to talk about is Mako Mankanshoku, she is part of the Kill La Kill anime and universe a friend to ryuko Matoi. She is known as the underachiever who is an hyperactive, carefree but a fun loving girl who is inseparable from Ryuko.

She is crazy and funny at the same time, she supplements the show very well with all the jokes and crazy antics she puts up are really awesome. I even put her forward as one of my favorite supporting female characters.

Kon, from the anime and manga Bleach. Kon was initially born into a pill and put into a doll. Kon is an Underpod whose full name is Kaizo Konpaku. He is a perverted fellow who loves to be around Rukia. He can be quite cocky and sometimes calls himself King of New York, for some odd reason. On top of being a cheeky bugger, he can get himself a lot of trouble, even taped down at the back of a toilet.

Rock Lee cry'sNext up we have Rock Lee, he started out as a bad ass when we first met him. But then went to hell when he fell in love with Sakura. He started to fight for her love but she loved Sasuke then. Honestly, I think when he isn’t able to do something, he complains and tries to get back to what he was doing before.

On top of that, as you can see in the future, I think he cries way too often. Again, seems like a goofy character from the world of Naruto.

So who could take the first spot for this? well…

Monkey D Luffy Smile

Monkey D. Luffy! While being the lead character of One Piece, the captain of the Straw Hats, and a great and powerful leader. Luffy is known to be a character who doesn’t care about anything, except for his friends. He is known to be someone who will never give up on a promise or will fight for the weak.

Luffy, although great and mighty, is know to be one of the most goofiest characters, although they might be in serious trouble, he is usually out somewhere, either eating or fighting something he shouldn’t, making trouble with people or meeting high level people without even realising his position in the matter.

So it’s been decided, Luffy is awesome, and at the same time, he’s a goofy favourite of mine. So what is your goofy anime character who you like to watch in an anime. Be sure to comment down below.

There are 5 comments

  1. TashaNight

    I absolutely love Luffy! He is so much more intelligent behind his “idiocy” and once he gets mad, you know he’s about to go full-out badass xD


  2. Hugo

    But i have a question ? Does Luffy have a backstory or something ? Except his goofy side , we never seen something interesting in this character , except his dream to be the pirate king and find the one piece .


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