Favourite Weapon, Gear or Armor in Anime

As part of the 30 day anime challenge,  I’ll be answering what I think my favourite weapon, gear or armour is within an anime. From the number of anime I have watched, and the number of weapons, or gear, or even armors that were used can fill a page or two in terms of the sheer number of them. Nevertheless, lets go ahead and answer it.

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Light YagamiWith any good anime where there is a good guy, and a bad guy, we see some sort of weapon, armour or gear that helps them fight each other. The first I’d like to discuss is a special piece of gear that helps Light Yagami rid the world of people that deserve the punishment. What I’m talking about is the Death Note.

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Death Note book allows the user to write a name along with an action to how the person whose name it belongs to will die. The user of Death Note will also be able to see a Shinigami’s who loves to eat apples. Honestly, the Death Note has to be one of the greatest weapons/gears that can be used to kill an individual with the least effort.

Attack on Titan body gearNext up, you might have learnt about Attack on Titan’s story, but something interesting I’ve seen is the body gear that they wear, it allows them to grapple onto things, climb and get on top of things. Further to this, you can dual wield the swords which allows you to control the how fast or slow you go. You can even move like spiderman once you grapple onto a building.

Getting used to moving in the gear provided here seems like a hard task for anyone, I guess the folks who take up and join the Survey Corps. I honestly wouldn’t mind wearing one of these if it meant I could cosplay as one of the characters, would be pretty awesome if you ask me.

Ichigo's New Bankai Tensa ZangetsuWith any favourite anime comes a favourite weapon, mine is Bleach, and the weapon is obviously Zangetsu. With it’s awesome, Shikai and Bankai looks, I think it’s probably a really good favourite for me. On top of this, Zangetsu has gone through a bunch of reiterations where it has ended up going to what we can see on the right. And even after all of that, Ichigo’s Zangetsu gets busted up and his original Shikai form returns as he fights against the notorious Yhwach. Nevertheless, every look it goes through is definitely great, and everytime it changes it gets better and better.

With that in mind, I’d like to cheat for the final answer to what my favourite weapon, gear or armour is, I’d like to pick a someone, instead of a something. This someone is:


Saitama belongs to the One Punch Man, he’s hero name is Caped Baldy. The reason why I chose him is because he doesn’t use a single weapon, in fact, all he uses are his fists. He has the ability to punch anything and anyone and completely destroy it. Saitama even fought against an alien, he completely obliterated him with just “one punch!”

With all that said, I honestly think that his fists are the perfect weapon. his body is the best armour, and he doesn’t even bother with gear. Nevertheless, he’s an epic guy who just can’t be beat by anyone! He definitely is the STRONGEST character in all universes.

So, what do you think? What do you think is the best weapons, armour and gears are. Be sure to go ahead and comment below telling us what you think!

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I have a few weapons that are my favorite. First is Code Geasses Geass, which is an ability that allows the user to manipulate other people or themselves in amazing ways. Some can control people if they look them in the eyes, some can make people adore them, some can make two people switch souls so they are in different bodies, and some can even make themselves immune to physical harm.


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