Bleach 684 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Bleach 684 spoilers have dropped online, to which points to an interesting battle between Ichigo, Yhwach, Aizen and Uryu! If you’d like to know what happens, keep on reading, otherwise stop as spoilers ahead.

Bleach 684 has been released, it can be seen here.

Bleach 684 begins as Aizen deactivates his Kyoka Suigetsu after he is hit by Yhwach’s attack. Yhwach mentions that he shall just change the future where Aizen was able to die and that he was able to attack Ichigo.

Ishida appears and quickly shoots the silver arrowhead, given to him by Ryuken, towards Yhwach. The arrow hits which completely shuts down Yhwach’s abilities for just an instant.

This allows Ichigo to attack Yhwach using his Zangetsu. Yhwach is once again able to get his abilities back and thus allows him to block Ichigo’s attack only using one hand. Zangetsu’s outer shell begins to crack just like before.

Zangetsu’s form changes as now the form changes into Zangetsu’s Shikai form which appears inside it. It gives Ichigo enough time to use Zangetsu’s Shikai form to slash down Yhwach and cut him in half! Bleach 684 ends here.

It seems like the battle seems to be progressing in a way where every attack against Yhwach has to be maximised otherwise everyone will definitely die. Crazy and fantastic chapter indeed! The spoilers were brought by YonkouProductions.

So what do you think of this chapter? Go ahead and comment down below telling me and everyone else what you think.

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    1. Sunite

      It might be that Ichigo lost his Quincy abilities and what was currently left was his Shikai abilities, thus it was transformed into his strongest form after his powers all went.


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