Bleach Manga to End with Chapter 685

We’ve known that Bleach manga is in its final arc, it seems as though the time has come as Bleach 685 will be the final Bleach manga chapter! Weekly Shonen Jump 35 seems to have posted the ending notice in Bleach 684 as a colour page and climax will be featured in Bleach 685.

Bleach End Approaches The Final Holy War

UPDATE: Bleach manga will end with chapter 686!

The Ending notice:


Translates to: Colour Page and Special 15th Anniversary Super Legendary Climax.

This message appears in Bleach 684 which leads to Bleach 685 being the end of Bleach manga. The message also points to Nisekoi manga also ending in the next issue with an extended 25 page chapter.

YonkouProductions, person who is confirming this, also mentions that in Japanese, the term “climax” is synonymous to finale. Plus the fact that a colour page and legendary ending is being mentioned points and confirms the end of Bleach with chapter 685. They also mention that there is a “chance” for an epilogue spinoff, but nothing is confirmed.

With all this at play, Bleach 685 being the final chapter, and the war potentially coming to an end, it seems like it’ll end at a high. Although, some story lines and character development could have been explored more. Nevertheless, what do you guys think about Bleach 685 marking the end of Bleach? Go ahead and comment below telling me what you think.

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  1. Ree

    The most unsatisfied ending in the world of shōnen manga is waiting for the fans who have been following bleach for almost 15 years.🙅


    1. Sunite

      Indeed, I have not been following the series for 15 years, but I have been a loyal fan of Bleach, following the series as it progresses, etc, heck a reason why I began this blog was Bleach! I want a clear and understandable ending, hopefully Kubo Tite (oh great overlord) can deliver.


  2. The Otaku Judge

    Chapter 685? They should have tried holding out until chapter 700, which is a nice milestone figure. Oh well, I guess the artists wouldn’t be up for that because Bleach isn’t known for padding things out with filler.


    1. Sunite

      I would have loved the extra 15 chapters, and yup, it would have matched Naruto’s numbers too. And nice figure to be on. I don’t quite think it’s Kubo’s fault. At the moment, I feel like he’s being rushed to complete it and make space for other manga, which is in itself an insult to such a long running manga. I feel like if he showed everything properly, it would reach 700 easily. But then again, I guess if the anime was coming back, it would clear up everything that was missed in the anime, such as fights that didn’t end properly, or any other info that was missed.

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  3. Ultimate Coordinator

    If Bleach ends at 685, I think it’ll end with Yhwach winning the war. There’s so much missing in Bleach I don’t believe this is the end. It’ll probably have a spinoff and continue the series and war elsewhere for Kubo to actually do his work and explain things.




    But only after the last chapter, speaking of which, I hope that means the anime will be coming back soon, speaking of which (this is another hair pulling theory), but don’t you think its going in a rush right now, it seems like to me, Jump just ask Kubo finish it sooner, because its going on too long, and it seems like to me Kubo could have had a lot more to add…however if they announce the Anime will come back and that way he could add in what he orginally wanted, but didn’t have time, I’ll be cool with that. (Last hair pulling theory I make in a while)


  5. nickdunnaquatic

    I am very disappointed if this turns out to be true. I really wanted Kubo to keep making Bleach until chapter 700. I do however, like LPEAST’s theory that if the anime returns for Bleach, Kubo will be able to add what he wants in the anime that he couldn’t in the manga. For example, the flashback from the first blood war, Royal Guard fighting Schutzstaffel and maybe entering in this fight, and others.


    1. LPEAST

      Especially Yhwach using YAMA’S BANKAI, depending how it turns out, it doesn’t look like we will see it, I hope I hear news that the Anime will come back in 2017, after Naruto goes I better hear Bleach will come back.


  6. AightOnderd

    Lelethu you were expecting 700 chapters? I was actually expecting 800. Not enough details in comparison og the first arcs.


  7. Lyonsden3

    What can be said about the ending of a story u have followed for 15 years by having a sudden unexpected end other than it is like having a good friend die in an accident well before their time should be up. Life isn’t fair so why should we expect an ending that ties everything up. Am I upset it is ending like this maybe a bit, but if u think about it, what better way could there be. Everything he has done in this series has ended abruptly typically going in a direction u never thought it would. Even the fight with Aizen which so many people say should have been the end of bleach ended abruptly. They fought for a while and then boom super move and it’s over. So while part of me thinks it sucks to end so abruptly like this part of me thinks it is really the only ending that is truly appropriate.


  8. Demesiss

    You guy remember the Turn back the Pendulum chapters? Those chapters were not listed in the main course but with -108 to -97 instead. Counting these 12 chapters and some other (Which I don’t really remember), Bleach will have about 700 with next chap. So basically the same amount as Naruto does. I do wish to see a continuity tho since much more is left unexplained in the Bleach Universe.


  9. pavan

    I have not been following the series for 15 years, but I have been a great loyal fan of Bleach,i don’t bother about the end of series by episode 685/chapter but i need nice explanation how ichigo got zangetsu back and also about aizen,captains,urahara,and also who is going to take the place of soul king……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


  10. Erik.williams

    I was waiting for some type of dialogue between Yhwach and Ichigo’s Sword– Zangetsu.. especially after Yhwach calls out its name just before he’s sliced in half.

    Somehow Yhwach would have been pulled into Zangetsu’s (Hollow Ichigo’s) world and there is some dialogue where Yhwach threatens Hollow Ichigo who just stares at him with a sick smile, hollow ichigo licks his sword and says something so threatening back at Yhwach that Yhwach eyes open up wide when he realizes that H-ichigo is actually a protector assigned to all Lineage of the Spirit King. That the Spirit Kings have always been Shinigami, Human, and Hollow. But since the deceased Spirit King had no heirs all would have been lost… Until Yhwach/Aizens experiment with Ichigo and infusing him with Hollow Riatsu simply reactivated the the dormant gene that lives within all.

    Zangetsu states would have been just a “regular” Zanpakto until it’s owner was mixed with all three. He then says some time of chant that pulls all that “black liquid” spirit king energy off of Yhwach and Hollow Ichigo Shows Yhwach a vision of the future seeing Ichigo’s child with the Crest of the Spirit king as a birthmark (I know there isn’t one.. just saying) Then he screams out… “You are not worthy to Die in this world” Then Yhwach is thrust back into the spirit world just as Ichigo’s blade cuts him in half!!!!

    MY FAN FICTION ending…!!!

    This ending though was like hearing the crack of an ice cold coca-cola can and when you take your sip…. and notice that It’s Flat… Bummer 😦


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