Bleach Manga to End with Chapter 686

Recently there has been a lot of news on when exactly Bleach manga will end, from ending in the 74th volume, to having less than 10 weeks left, to ending in chapter 685. It seems that some final concrete evidence has shown up as Bleach Manga will be ending with Bleach chapter 686.

Final Arc The Thousand-Year Blood War

So before continuing, the previous post about Bleach ending on Bleach 685 was not properly confirmed and judgement was made on incorrect translations. Yes there will be a climax/final part to the manga, but Bleach 685 won’t be the end of the manga.

Folks over at Anime News Network, Bleach subreddit and MangaHelpers have confirmed that Bleach will be ending with chapter 686 (Shonen Jump #38). Bleach 686 will be released, or is expected to release on or around the 18th of August. The reason for the wait is that Shonen Jump will be going on a weekly break due to public holidays in Japan. This means that there will be no chapters next week.

In regards to the release date for Bleach 686, 18th August is the best guess, but it could appear earlier on the 17th due to the holiday but not guaranteed. It could also show up on the Friday (12th) or Monday (15th) but is unlikely. The reason for the early release here is due to us getting the chapter a lot earlier.

Anime News Network also mentions that Shonen Jump will release the final Bleach 686 chapter on the 22nd of August along with an “important announcement”

Bleach 685 AnnouncementWith so much uncertainty on how Bleach Manga will end, user Heiji on MangaHelpers also mentions that Shonen Jump #38 (Bleach 686 will appear in this issue) will bring some “big news” on Bleach. This was confirmed with the public and translated copy of Bleach 685 as there will be “an extra important announcement” too!

So with all this in mind, what do you guys think? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think about the extra chapter, it ending with Bleach 686, and the announcement about Bleach in the final chapter seems something I can’t wait for.

Update: added reliable source, Bleach ends with 686, important announcement incoming.

Sources: ANNReddit, MangaHelpers.

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  1. Khanada Taylor

    I really hope that the “big news” in an announcement for the anime to continue to finish the final arc. I’m glad we get one more chapter, but that extra week in between is agonizing… and yet it makes it all last a little longer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunite

      I too hope for some sort of anime announcement, but then again we’ve been burnt before by this sort of thing. It could be something as small as another databook to OVA or something else. Who knows… I hope it’s correct that we’ll get some news because all these things is quite heavy on all the fans.



    This is getting annoying, trolling us, for the past weeks, but I do hope we get confirmation that the Anime will come back for next year.
    And if the Anime does come back, I hope to see what we were suppose to but didn’t see, like some unanswered questions, unseen bankai’s AND YHWACH USING YAMA BANKAI, AND USING HIS UNDEAD ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will be making a rant video, to let out all my pent up rage (healthiest thing I can think of) on what we didn’t see and an video on why I think the Anime would improve the Final Arc!!!


    1. Sunite

      Haha after all the ups and downs this past week, my heart is so vulnerable right now lol. let us know when the video goes up, I want to see it. I too think the same, and an anime would be great news.


      1. LPEAST

        I know, anything related to Bleach & animation, would be great, we have been without it..far too long.
        And sure I’ll let you we the videos are up.


  3. Matthew

    I heard about this and I really hope this is the ending. I like Bleach, but I thought it was going to end on chapter 685. I’m tired of this tease. I am hoping for the announcement to be an anime return. I won’t be surprised if it tried be like Naruto and make a movie about Ichigo during the 10 year skip.


    1. Sunite

      I hope there is something GREAT in the upcoming announcement, hopefully it’s not another databook or something small but something as you mentioned. The anime coming back would be spectacular!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Matthew

        I will be thrilled to hear if it’s about anime returning. I have been wanting to see this arc animated for a long time. If it’s a movie like The Last: Naruto the Movie, it would be nice but I think it would be better to see the anime come back. I miss the fight scenes and the music. 🙂


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