Bleach 685 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Bleach 685 spoilers have dropped, the manga preview definitely points to the end of Bleach manga as we see a summary of the new captains that will be taking over. If you’d like to know more about this chapter, keep reading otherwise be aware.

Yhwach's power stop

Bleach 685 begins with a time jump, we move 10 years ahead as we first notice Kyoraku Shunsui as he drinks in front of Ukitake’s grave. All the damage that was done seems to have roughly been repaired as both Mayuri and Nemu go to inspect all the reconstruction zones. Mayuri tells Nemu Hachigou to follow him, she replies with yes, she says it loudly thus Mayuri tells her to calm her voice.

Kenpachi, Ikkaku and Yumichika are all on their way to the new captain ceremony, they are a little lost and thus do not know where exactly it is. Kenpachi mentions that he has been getting lost till now because of Yachiru, but she isn’t there, so they cannot get lost, and thus must keep going. Tetsuzaemon Iba goes to the ceremony too from the training grounds.

Toshiro tells Iba that he shouldn’t work so hard, then refers him as a captain. Iba mentions that he still doesn’t know the caliber of a captain, so if he skips training, he won’t feel like he’s a captain. Hitsugaya commends him on the spirit he has, however he’d like for him to say that too. Rangiku meets Hisagi, he tells her that it’s inexcusable as he’s already mentioned that it’s because he’s already finished his Bankai training.

At the new captain ceremony, Rukia stands as she is the new captain of the 13th Squad. Elsewhere, we see Vice-Captain Akon look at a gause as he notices that it’s giving a weird reading on it. He notices that it’s very similar to Yhwach’s reiatsu from ten years ago! Bleach 685 ends here, seems like Bleach manga series ends here.

Update: Bleach Manga To End With Chapter 686!

So to run down all the current and new captains featured in this chapter, they follow:

  1. Shunsui Kyoraku
  2. Soi Fon (Sui-Feng)
  3. Rojuro Otoribashi (Rose)
  4. Isane Kotetsu – NEW
  5. Shinji Hirako
  6. Byakuya Kuchiki
  7. Tetsuzaemon Iba – NEW
  8. Lisa Yadomaru – NEW
  9. Kensei Muguruma
  10. Hitsugaya Toshiro
  11. Kenpachi Zaraki
  12. Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  13. Rukia Kuchiki – NEW

I personally do not believe that this is the full chapter as it’s likely to be a lot longer featuring coloured page and all. These spoilers were from the folks at MangaHelpers. Anyways, what do you think of the new captains, and the fact that we’ve skipped 10 years into the future, and the potential cliffhanger with Yhwach’s reiatsu?

Go ahead and comment below telling us what you think.

There are 18 comments

  1. Hugo

    10 years after the quincy war .

    New capitains , new soul society , but a bad cliffhanger .
    It should’ve ends after the aizen final battle .

    Brief : Little copy and paste from the Naruto chapter 700 . And it’s very awful


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    I like that all the captain positions filled are with characters that I always considered to replace them. Only Iba being the 7th Captain and not Love.


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