Ichigo’s New Hollow Mask & Hollow Form?!

Could these be Ichigo’s New Hollow Mask and Hollow Form? Ichigo has been getting a lot of upgrades with his power during the Substitute Shinigami Arc and personally I think he deserves an even more extreme and powerful hollow mask and form. Could these be it?

Ichigo first obtained control of his Hollow Mask & Form during his training with the Vizards (Visoreds) where they invited him to join them, he refused but wanted to seek control of his Inner Hollow. Once he obtained it, he become a whole lot powerful allowing him to face Grimmjow and Ulquiorra.

The current Quincies within the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc are literally on another level. They can take away Bankai’s as well as eliminate anyone who steps in their way! Even the current captains aren’t able to defeat the Stern Ritter due to their intense strength. Ichigo will have to possibly obtain an even more powerful crazy Hollow Form in order for defeat the Quincy’s and save the Shinigami’s from this extinction!

So what do you think? Could this be Ichigo’s New Hollow Mask & Hollow Form? Tell me what you think using the comments below!

These fantastically drawn images were done by the awesome artist Arrancarfighter. You should definitely check out his work, he’s got some fantastic artwork worth looking at!

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  1. dreager1

    Just a quick thing I wanted to mention. I wouldn’t say there on another level from Ichigo. From the Captains yes, the Quincies are slaughtering them, but so could Ichigo. Aizen said he could beat all of the Espadas teaming up, Ichigo beat him and has gotten stronger. It’s at the point where Ichigo could slaughter all of the captains. He can handle the Quincies (Like the last one he pwned)


    1. Sunite

      Agree, but Kirge was just a captain of the Hueco Mundo squad, he is nothing compared to the Stern Ritter or the Vandenreich Captain. He is like a small fry to them. Ichigo is getting very powerful at each stage, but I think for him to defeat the Vandenreich Leader he would possibly need to obtain and get his Hollow Form! Which could possibly look like the above! It looks epic!! 😀


  2. darkjrimmjow35

    looks great you should add black to the tips of the horns tho i think. really small thing to do and i don’t know why but i just think for some reason that would be cool, oh and he shoots a black cero.


  3. Philip B.

    I love the concept design. The only thing I would change is the horn shape of his hollowfied form. I would probably change it back to their original shape; maybe put some markings on them. And I almost wonder if the markings on his mask would look better if they were red like the marks of the original. But still, Arrancarfighter did a good job!


  4. Linus135

    I really like the black “X” shape on the mask. The only thing is, I would suspect his hollow mask to have horns on them since his battle with Tensa Zangetsu. Other than that little detail, I really like these, good job to the artist 😀


  5. nick dunn

    Personally i only think the Stren Ritter are difficult to defeat is because they Can steal Bankai. Thats it. They can use there Quincy: Vollständig and thats equal to Banki. Aizen said he was stronger then all the Espada because of the Hokyoku. Thats it. Yes is strong. But now Ichigo isn’t a Shinigami anymore. His Shinigami powers didn’t help him in this war, neither are his Hollow powers. But his Quincy powers are! From his mother! Thats how he was able to break Kirges cage. Because his reishi was running out. So his body absorbed Kirges reishi and awaken his Quincy powers. Dude, he can use Bult? Come on. Oetsu clearly said his Zanpakuto didn’t pick him. Because something else was helping Ichigo get through his war so far. Obviously his Quincy powers. His Hollow powers don’t even matter now. I do love the design. Its pretty cool! Anyway, yeah Ichigo is strong. But come on? He doesn’t have much experience fighting like the Captains do. And i figured it out!!! Why Ichigo can’t get his Bankai stolen!!! Its not because its new and can’t depend on the strength. But his Quincy powers!!!! Its makes sense. Kirges powers didn’t work against Ichigo after his Quincy powers awaken. Maybe his Quincy powers helped kee his Bankai. And Kirge seems pretty powerful. Around Ichigos or Grimmjows strength. But yes the Stren Ritter do seem very powerful too. But i believe theirs a more powerful group for the Royal Guard, Zaraki, Unohana, and Aizen. Dude Ichigo was sent to Hueco Mundo man! Finally!!


  6. Modthis

    This gave me an idea of something better dont get me wrong I love the design but we gotta think here there is a lot of difference between ichigo’s first hollow form compared to his 2nd hollow form so I think the same should go for his 3rd hollow form but not make it so much different from the above pics of his 3rd form like say his horns I think should be slightly different I like how his horns are pointed out away from his head but I think they should be somewhat pointed out but bend straight up and slightly angled toward the center of his scalp I like the x marking on his head and body but I think that could also be arranged to look better I think I’ll jus do a drawing of what I think his 3rd form should look like instead of having to explain wat I think it should look like its a lot easier to show than it is to explain


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