Naruto & Baby Kurama

Lately both Naruto and Kurama (9 Tailed Beast) have been getting along very well in order to stop Tobi’s plan as well as stop the other Jinchuuriki’s and their Beasts. Naruto had truly showed Kurama that he’s able to handle the power both responsibly as well as not use him in such a way that he would be a tool.

Naruto had told Kurama that he will no longer be just a Beast, Naruto will regard Kurama as his companion and friend from the Leaf Village. Kurama always tormented Naruto when he was smaller but as Naruto grew stronger on his own, Kurama started to understand his passion for saving as well as creating new friends. Plus his dream of becoming the Hokage! Baby Kurama and Naruto seem to getting on very well on the above image!

The above image was colored by Ahrifox, while the line art provided by Xandreita93X. You should check both of them out as they’ve got some pretty nice fan art!

There are 6 comments

  1. Zathalos

    Am i the only one who sees that naruto’s body is bieng controlt by kurama, lol if you see it that way, is kurama playing with naruto or with himself :D.


    1. Sunite

      Lool I think everyone knows that Kurama and Naruto are now friends, but yeah lol Naruto could have been taken as a fool and maybe in the future he will be taken control off later on, you never know 😛


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