Bleach Manga to End in 74th Volume

Bleach manga is ending, the 31st Issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced that Tite Kubo’s long-running Bleach manga is reaching its end. The magazine teased the number of remaining chapters before the end, but was obscured to tease its ending. We know that the current “The 1,000 Year Blood War” arc back in February of 2012.

Furthermore, Volume 73 of Bleach also revealed that 74th would its last. With many predictions going around to the number of future chapters left, personally I feel like there are less than 4 left. Each volume usually has around 10 to 11 chapters, and from the looks of it, Volume 74 already has 6 chapters released. So with that in mind, we don’t have long left till Bleach manga truly finishes, approximately 4 to 5 chapters left.

I am truly saddened to see Bleach go, with a few more weeks of Bleach chapters left in the current volume, only time will tell till we see the Bleach universe come to an end. With the current progression we’re seeing the in the manga, it doesn’t seem like Bleach manga will end soon, but I am fully sure that Kubo will delivery a deserving ending.

With all this in mind, what do you guys think? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think, all opinions welcome.

Source: ANN

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  1. Gary Madison

    I have been sad since the Anime ended. Since then I have been hoping that they animate the current arc. That would be epic!. Since the Bleach anime ended I have been watching others like most of you and there are some pretty good ones out there but Bleach has always been my favorite. Seems like they are coming out with a handful of new Anime’s every week or so. I will be honest here and say that I never made it through the first show on about 75 percent of them.

    But there also have been some good ones too!. It seems to me that with all of the failed new shows and the money it cost to put them out they should be able to come up with money for Bleach. Everyone says that Bleach is not popular anymore or has really dropped off. Well yea there are no new shows. I guarantee that they would shoot back to number one if they animate this last arc.

    Well you can’t have everything in life but you would not hear me complain if they brought it back.



    1. Sunite

      Totally agree with you, whenever I start a new show, same as you, I drop most. Or never start them, I try and read and make sure it has good hype as well as matching my type of show.
      I know that there was a lot of unhappiness about the last arc, and where it should have ended etc. And Bleach could have began anytime. But I think Bleach should come back when that rage has died down. When it comes back, I’ll definitely be happy to see it, good or bad. I will hug it with open arms!


  2. Gary Madison

    Hey Sunite,

    Yes we are n the same page as alot of other people are. I am 57 years old and I have no problem telling other “adults,lol” that I love watching anime. When I don’t like it anymore then I will be old,lol. I see alot of people complain about it being bad or it could be better. I don’t see it like that. I think it is mostly all good. It is a story..a very well written story to me. Plus in my opinion when you take an arc and make it into a anime from a Manga it becomes something more.It enhances everything and gives the story more credit and substance.

    I too am waiting with open arms Sunite. You never know tomorrow could be the day,lol.



    1. Sunite

      Haha if only, I will keep my hopes up! I have a few friends who watch anime, but I think from my circle of friends, I watch the most I think. I totally agree with how you put it, the fact that anime gives a manga substance, character and breathes life into something written in pen and paper.


  3. nickdunnaquatic

    I’ll he honest, I don’t believe it. Of all the people to be on the last volume cover for Bleach, why the hell is it Renji? Yes, Volume 74 has Renji on the cover. I find it more believable that Ichigo would be on the cover of the final volume. Kubo still has quite a few things to reveal to us and I doubt he can do it in five chapters.


  4. dreager1

    Ah, so the rumor has been confirmed? I definitely agree that around 5 chapters makes sense since most volumes are around 10. Even if the final one is a little larger, that will only equal an extra one or two at best. I feel like there are definitely going to be a lot of loose ends, but as long as this final fight gets some more screen time then I’ll be satisfied. It’s been a great run!


  5. yun_

    Seriously? Why i feel it so fast to end this amazing manga? So sad… but i hope we get a brilliant ending from kubo. *crossed fingers*


  6. kenpoklown

    First Naruto now Bleach! So sad! hopefully Kubo will do something similar to Naruto and continue the story in a mini series or even some actual mini novels etc. on a side note Bleah isn’t known for its romantic stuff but does anyone have any guesses to if Ichigo and Orihime will get together? Like maybe an epilogue of their kids? What other characters should get closure? Maybe Rukia and Renji end up together? Possibly Toshiro and Momo but that seemed more brother sisterly than romantic but who knows!? Lemme know what u guys think or hope for!


  7. kenpoklown

    Also here’s a theory! Masaki shows up and kills Ywach! It seems crazy but think about it. If the full bringers and others that dies ended up in Soul Society and according to the life death cycle Masaki shoulda ended up either there or Hueco Mundo so where has she been? Unless she already was reincarnated but that could still work since ywach is headed to the world of the living maybe a reincarnated Masaki will be waiting I dunno it seems far fetched but also Uryu’s grandpa could still be around somewhere also not sure if Mayuri’s experiments destroyed his soul altogether or not but it still is possible! Lemme know if any of this seems plausible?


  8. Flash

    So we waited years while Oda just dragged the story out just so that he can rush the ending.
    Even worse than that Tobi is Obito reveal form 2012.


  9. Sageofthe6paths

    Do these people from shounen jump never show some respect to the mangakas? I know bleach sales arent that good and its really low ranked but atleast let this man finish his manga properly…You cant just “kick” him out after so many years of publishing.


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