Mirajane Defeats Juliet and Heine! Eileen Appears – Fairy Tail 492

Fairy Tail 492 see’s Mirajane’s battle against Juliet and Heine as she goes onto enabling her Satan Soul Mirajane Alegria form, this enables her to defeat them in an instant, this reveals their true form, which are that they are both swords which have been enchanted by Eileen. Mirajane is exhausted, this is when Eileen shows up.

Fairy Tail 492 begins as everyone can hear Zera’s voice, but they don’t seem to know if it’s from an ally or an enemy. Gajeel tells her that next time she should try being a bit more charming. Everyone hears him and quickly realise that it’s from a trusted source. Levy also cries that he is still alive. Mirajane and Lisanna talk about Elfman and where he might be.

Juliet attacks Mirajane with her liquid, which is all sticky. Heine uses her ropes to restrain Mirajane, but she uses her Satan Soul to escape. Mirajane then attacks which blows them away. Mirajane tells others along with Lisanna to leave and go to the guild. This is where she plans to fight against them two.

Elfman is with Yukino and the two Sabertooth cats. They go towards the guild when they meet with Angel. Mirajane fights against Heine and Juliet, she underestimated them two. Both also mention that it seems like Mirajane blew her load at the start of the fight, but she quickly mentions that she her her trump cards too.

She quickly enables her Satan Soul Mirajane Alegria! She has been collecting all of Tartatos’ souls which were available. She uses her new found magic and attacks both of them. She transforms back and looks at the two as they both transform into two swords, she realises that someone must have put in great magic to enchant the swords. Out of nowhere, Eileen shows up behind Mirajane, seems like Mirajane will be targeted next. Fairy Tail 492 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like Mirajane vs Eileen will happen, but will Mirajane be able to fight or do anything against the magic of Eileen, hard to say. Anyways, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 493, titled “Dragneel the White” which seems like a crazy title, what could it even point to.

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