Captain Rukia Kuchiki! 10 Years Later – Bleach 685

Bleach 685 tells the story 10 years after the fight between the Quincy and Shinigami’s as we see a lot of new things, such as a whole new Soul Society, new captains, surprises in that Rukia is now a captain of the 13th guard. We also see some mysterious within Mayuri’s lab that could be indicative of something for the future.

Bleach 685 begins as Shunsui is at Ukitake’s grave, he mentions that he shall drink one more as things in Soul Society seem to be wrapping up. He can’t believe that it’s been 10 years as it’s flown by, plus rebuilding Soul Society has taken a very long time. Nanao tells him that they need to go, Shunsui thus says his slowing down in that he’s tired, and that he’ll come back to talk some more.

Elsewhere, we see a small dark thing on the ground, similar to that of Yhwach. Mayuri is in his lab with a new mask, he’s finishing off some stuff, he can now expand his secret underground network. they need to do a overview of it all first, thus asks Nemuri Hachigou, a much smaller Nemu in a little girls body. It seems that she’s returned in her body.

Elsewhere, we meet up with Zaraki, Ikkaku and Yumichika as they’re all going to the ceremony, he mentions to both that as Yachiru is no longer with him, there is no way he can get lost. He therefore runs towards the First Barracks. Shinji and Momo are also together, they notice Zaraki and others go the wrong way.

Momo goes to chase them but Shinji tells her to stop it, giving her an order to not chase them. We see Iba train along with his crew. Toshiro appears as he mentions that it seems like Iba is working hard, Iba tells him that he may be a captain but he still has a way to go before he can even do anything on the level of a captain.

Toshiro says that he’s got quite the determination, he definitely knows someone who could use some of that, Rangiku thinks of whom to which she refers to Shuhei, he mentions that he is strong, he’s even managed to master his Bankai, he mentions that he used it during the fight 10 years ago, and no one even saw it. He cries out telling him that he can do, but Toshiro mentions that it just means that the last time he used it was 10 years ago, and that they’ve had so much time with peace to enjoy.

Soi Fon tells Zaraki off for being late, the both seem to buttheads together. Isane tells them to get in line as it’s time for the ceremony to begin. Nanao tells them that it’s time to begin. The new captain is asked to enter, we see Renji ask them if they need help if they get weak knees. Rukia enters, she’s the new captain of Squad 13!

Akon and his group are looking into a few things, they would have liked some help from Mayuri when looking at the numbers and stats while looking at the monitor, but Akon notices a heightened Reiatsu in their sensors, it seems like it is identical the Yhwach’s reiatsu emitted 10 years ago, seems like the black thing earlier in this chapter is what  is causing this. Bleach 685 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, we’ve moved away from the battle from last week, but we’ve got one more chapter in two week’s time after the Japanese holiday next week. One more, I hope we get to see what Ichigo is like after 10 years time, could this mean that some of them have gotten married? I hope so, I can’t wait for the final Bleach 686 manga chapter!

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I really loved this chapter. Kubo pretty much showed how all the Shinigami are doing so well in the last decade. I’m very impressed that Isane and Iba became Captains. Lisa wasn’t surprising because she is a Visored. I was sad to see that Jushiro died. But it does make sense. Mimihagi was keeping his lung cancer from advancing, so when Yhwach absorbed it, Jushiro got sick again and died. Seeing Rojuro and Kensei alive is a good feeling. I honestly thought they died way back when Giselle made them ger zombies. I’m surprised that Toshiro looks the exact same. I honestly thought he would look like he did when he used his complete Bankai. I also like that Shuuhei mastered his Bankai and is just as upset as us fans for not being


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Show us. The new Nemu is adorable and Mayuri’s new look is so fitting as always. Akon and Ikkaku being lieutenants make perfect sense. Looks like Yachiru is now part of Zaraki’s Zanpakuto. Rukia just being a captain after 10 years also doesn’t surprise me. She probably wanted to master her Bankai before being the next 13th Division Captain. Sentaro is probably her lieutenant, sense Kyonie is now the 4th Division lieutenant with her big sister. I wonder how is the lieutenant of the 8th Division? Maybe Hiyori? And is Izuru still alive? I’m really hoping the announcement is the return of the anime.


      1. trinin ninja

        Your posts have summarized my entire thoughts. Great job Nick. I agree with literally everything you’ve said. I can’t even get creative and add anything at all to your posts!


        1. nickdunnaquatic

          Thank you very much Trinin Ninja! 🙂 I also really enjoy your posts. I’m actually hoping we get to see how the other groups are doing. Hueco Mundo with the Arrancar, the Visord and Fullbringers, and hopefully see how the surviving Sternritter are doing.


      2. Sunite

        I wonder if Nemuri has a whole new brain of the brain of Nemu, she looks very similar even for a kid. I too hope that the anime is still on the ropes and that it’ll make a comeback. I wouldn’t mind it happening in 2017, would be a good wait to be honest.


    2. Sunite

      Remember that Mayuri was able to bring Toshiro back from being a zombie. I wonder how Izuru is doing since his arm got damaged, I wonder if he’s still alive somewhere or dead.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Honestly I think he’s dead, sense Mayuri could only keep Izuru alive by putting the souls of dead Shinigami in his body. But you never know.


  2. Rex

    Such a great chapter, loved. Tears, so many feels. Not final. Hopefully in two weeks. 686 color spread will even top this. Loved Rukia as new 13th squad captain. Perfect. SS rebuilt. New obv captains. Whom survived the Quincy onslaught. Possible Yhwach return of really Ichi? Laughs, feels and reflections of past 15 years. Wanna see obv Ichigo, ,who’s soul king now?! Aizen or Ichigo? Royal Guard return?! Karakura Town and Ichi’s family/friends/team. More SS, Remaining Arrancar and Heunco Mundo. Vizards, Fullbringers. What to come of special announcement? Hopefully return of anime. Possible spin off hinted in last couple arcs of Bleach. Bravo. Bring on the return of anime, we’ve waiting long enough. Final Arc will be better as anime than manga imo.


  3. Kelvis Townsend

    Million dollars says Ichigo turned evil and he’s the reiautsu being detected because I feel like Yhwach probably infected him in his last moment of life


  4. trinin ninja

    I didn’t realize that this time skip is 10 years because the shinigami didn’t really age that much. So when we see the humans, they are obviously going to be a lot older. I hope we see Karin, Yuzu, Isshin, Uryu, Orihime, and Chad. I honestly don’t care about Ichigo, even though he’s the main character.


  5. dreager1

    Definitely not a popular opinion, but I thought this chapter was pretty awful to be honest. It was just…boring imo. The final page was good though and I wouldn’t have minded that as the end to the series. I’m still hoping for an ending where you take a step back and realize that Ichigo’s journey was all futile in the end. Unlikely, but it’d be pretty awesome.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah, I think the end to this chapter was left at with the first 10 years of Yhwach, which means 990 more years to go before he’s back lol. Nevertheless, it was a decent cliff hanger. I hope final chapter 686 features an older Ichigo, potentially married to Orihime, with kids (maybe) and with all the whole happily ever after moment…


  6. Cellis

    It has too end as Ichiruki fans depend on it!!! Or Ichigo became part of squad zero? Or he went back home and had a normal life but kills hollows from time to time and goes to SS to visit time to time to see Rukia and his friends


  7. LargeSponge

    I wanted to see aizen. Stopped watching/reading bleach after aizen was “defeated”. Read up on recent chapters, and now all I care about is aizen, want to know what happened arghhh…..:)


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