Mirajane vs Jenny – Yukino vs Kagura – Fairy Tail 163

Mirajane Sexy Jenny Sexy Yukino vs Kagura Erza Scarlet Bondage Sexy Evergreen Sexy Evergreen and Erza swim suit Mirajane's Satan Soul defeats Jenny Rearlight's Satan Soul Mirajane's Satan Soul Jenny Rearlight's Battle Form Jenny Swimsuit Eclipse Plan Machine Mirajane swimsuitFairy Tail 163, a episode full of fan service has been delivered once again. Mirajane Strauss, from Fairy Tail B, goes up against Jenny Realight in a who can show more skin contest, for this we can definitely see that both have tried hard but only one can win. After such a match, we begin with the match with Yukino Aguria, from Sabertooth, against the strongest Mermaid Heel Member, Kagura Mikazuchi, while betting for their lives to be on the line.

Fairy Tail 163 begins with Carla having some doubt about what had happened recently when Wendy and the others were taken. Erza tells her to just calm down, while Carla is still worried about Lucy’s future, could this be a link to something more dangerous, she wonders but they all return to battle.

We notice that the next players to fight are Mirajane and Jenny. They were both part of the Weekly Sorcerer which gives them a bit of a grudge as Jenny wants to be Mirajane and even better. The battle starts when Carla shouts to good luck for Mirajane when she notices what she’s shouting for.

We see an impressive image of Mirajane in her swimsuit, everyone is shocked at this. Even Jenny goes for it shocking everyone with such vulgarity. They both keep on going changing their outfits as well as poses. Every fan is cheering them on. Wendy is shocked, everyone is at the same stage as him. Both of them are impressed at each others work even after 7 years from Mirajane. They were both former Pin Up models for the Weekly Sorcerer.

Out of nowhere, members of Mermaid Heel appear and try to take away some of that cheering, members from Lamia Scale also appear. Mavis also tries to get members from Fairy Tail such as Cana and Lisanna to get involved as she’s got free swimsuits to give them. Lucy, Wendy and even Erza take part.

Juvia also takes part in this. They are all now involved in order to gain more points for each of the other opponents. Jason as always is calling all this cool! Mirajane is out by one point. Evergreen also appears to try to compete with Erza. They start changing cloths. From girls to classes to school wear. Bondage and back to normal.

Everyone is going crazy by all the excitement. Wedding dresses appears, Mirajane takes Makarov, Levy wants Gajeel to take her with him. Lucy looks around. Lyon takes Juvia but amazingly, Gray appears and carries Juvia. Lucy is taking by Loke, Lisanna is also wearing her dress, she looks for Natsu, when Lucy falls on him.

Lamia Scale’s Oba Babasama appears and turns everything to dust as she comes from and take everything off, it ruins the moment and they all go back to normal. There is also one more dress type left, their battle suits. Jenny thinks of a plan to make a bet to the loser posing nude on the Weekly Sorcerer. Mirajane agrees to this, everything thinks its way too much.

Jenny thinks that she’s got to win, she thinks that she knows that the judges are looking for so it seems like she knows that she’s going to win. Jenny transforms into her own awesome Battle Gear which everyone is impressed by. But Mirajane also changes, while she does she reminds Jenny of her bet. Mirajane changes into her awesome Demonic Sitri Form.

Mirajane goes quicker than light and somehow attacks Jenny from nowhere and she seems to have lost! Mirajane  has won once more, everyone is proud of her. Laxus tells Mystogan, Jellal, not to mess with her that she’s damn powerful. Jellal gets an odd feeling that it’s already been two days and there is still nothing wrong.

We go to the castle where Datong and Arcadios are talking, he asks about why he tried to get a Celestial Mage, his plans are still not finished. Arcadios reveals that Eclipse is finished and only said that it wasn’t because of more money towards the project. Arcadios has already done so much and that’s it’s ready carry out the next step.

The next match begins, Kagura Mikazuchi vs Yukino Aguria. They both start walking towards the battlefield, both thinking that they’re going win, when there can only be one. Yukino tells Kagura that it’s a pleasure fighting her. Yukino tries to make a bet, she proposes that they fight by putting their lives on the line. Fairy Tail 163 ends here.

A great chapter and a great new start to battle, we already know that Yukino seems to getting carried away trying to fight such a strong character, but we’ll have to see what’ll happen next during next week’s Fairy Tail 164, titled “Kagura vs Yukino!”, when we find out that Yukino is also a Celestial Mage, plus find out how strong Kagura really is!

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