Fukai and Bee! Orochimaru’s Gyuki Experiment – Naruto Shippuden 318

Fukai Bee hit

Naruto Shippuden 318 begins with Motoi meeting with Bee, they talk until a coffin appears, from this the previous Jinchuuriki appears, Fukai. He quickly transforms into his full form and begins his attacks. Motoi and Bee wonder how he can use his powers, Orochimaru did experiments on Gyuki which allowed him to use the power. Furthermore, Fukai and Bee find peace which allows Fukai to disappear after finding his something to full his hole. A somewhat expected and boring episode.

Naruto Shippuden 318 begins as Naruto once again jumps from one tree to the other, quickly heading towards the battlefield. Bee finishes taking a piss and talks to Gyuki on how he should chill for a little, Motoi appears and tells him that he was told to come with him to help him. They both go on a head while Zetsu’s are watching them, they make a plan to attack them.

Kabuto also prepares, he mentions that he’s been told to leave Naruto alone, however Bee doesn’t matter, he brings out his trump card out and it appears in the battlefield. While Zetsu’s from before appear from before. The coffin opens and Fukai pops out, he mentions that it’s been a while. Motoi remembers that Fukai was responsible for his fathers death.

Fukai realizes that Bee’s a Jinchuuriki. We go to the past when Fukai and A were talking, at the same time someone watches them, Bee is sleeping. Fukai tells A that he will always be alone as there will always be something in his mind that must be filled, his heart will always have a whole, everyone will look at him differently. They continue on talking about stuff that’s not really important.

We return to the battlefield, he mentions that he should run as he cannot control himself. Kabuto initiates Fukai’s powers, he quickly changes into a different form, it’s question how Fukai enabled his power when it’s impossible for them to do it. Orochimaru shows Kabuto what he had done, he had collection cells and cultivated it in a condition where he could grow Gyuki’s horn.

Fukai enables a Bijuu Dama and it erases the Zetsu’s it also attacks Bee, however it seems that his sword, has eaten the Bijuu Dama, Samehada had done this, it helped him to get full. Bee also enables his, both of them get ready for Lariat, they attack and forces span out. Fukai is asked a few question which he answers. We go to the past when Fukai and A talk, it seems like Fukai can’t sleep, A asks if he’s found something to fill his hole. He asks if there is anything he can do.

Bee goes, it seems someone, I think Orochimaru is watching him. We go to the doctors office where a snake appears, the same character appears as before, it seems that the doctor was killed. Fukai goes to the doctors and he receives a few pills to help him sleep. We see that the doctor is in fact Orochimaru. We go to Fukai while he sleeps, he can’t seem to move as the pills disabled his moment.

Orochimaru tells him that he will let Gyuki out, he enables a seal and opens the door to let the Gyuki out, We go to the mess when the Gyuki attacks a lot of people, especially Motoi’s father. Orochimaru collects a few cells as a sample to which he uses to cultivate. Orochimaru had prevented Gyuki to remember. Bee launches a Bijuu Dama up come, it fails as he can regenerate.

Bee quickly runs while Fukai chases him down. Naruto senses two Gyuki’s, he tries to go back but A tells him that Bee will handle it. Bee keeps on running while Fukai chases him down, Motoi also notices their speed and power, he remembers that he’s father fought people like these all the time. He gets in the middle and tells Bee to keep on running. He enables his Lightning Style which does nothing but slow him down. Motoi is quickly hurt by Fukai’s hands. Bee helps and pushes Fukai back.

They both strike each other and it seems that they’ve connected. We remember the past when Fukai and Bee are fighting, after he loses consciousness, they talk after they try to return to the village. They talk about how he’s special to A, he then remembers that Bee and A had fist bump during their training at the pond when Ichigo obtained his Chakra Mode. He’s found a lot o special friends, he then mentions that he’s also important to him, Fukai begins to turn into dust, Motoi is told that he fought bravely. Bee runs towards the battlefield too.

A very predictable episode, seemed like it wasn’t well written. Naruto seems to be in every single episode that are being made that it’s putting me off his new chakra mode look. I’m starting to hate it. These episodes are really pissing me off, that’s what I’m trying to say, hopefully they can finish these fillers soon! Nevertheless, I hope next week’s Naruto Shippuden 319, titled “The Soul Living Inside the Puppet” isn’t the same type as it’s about Sasori and Chiyo.

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