Infinite Tsukuyomi! Madara’s Rinnegan – Naruto Shippuden 425

Naruto Shippuden 425 sets up for the Infinite Tsukuyomi to become activate after Madara obtains both of his Rinnegan’s and capturing Obito’s body in the process using Black Zetsu. While keeping Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura busy with four extra Limbo Madara’s, he’s able to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi using the red moon.

Naruto Shippuden 425 begins as Madara appears within Obito’s inner world trying to stop Sakura from destroying the eye. Obito uses his Kamui and gets her out of there. She appears outside with Kakashi and Sasuke, she quickly tries to heal Kakashi’s eye while she realises that he was telling her to destroy it because if Madara gets his hands on it, he will become unstable.

She realises that once Madara is back, he would have gained his Rinnegan and that they need to become aware and prepare for it. Madara holds Obito’s heart lifting him up, he tells him that the seal on his heart was removed by Kakashi during their fight. He had mentioned that he placed it to track and prevent him taking his own life.

He also reveals that he was the one to plan Rin’s journey and her death, which led him to dive into darkness and hatred where everything first began. He had planned everything. Now he uses his own manipulative powers to get what he wants, which is the Rinnegan from Obito’s left eye socket.

Naruto locks down Madara’s Limbo and goes towards Sasuke and Sakura. He then helps out Kakashi by giving him his left eye, it’s hard for him to explain it. While this happens, Kakashi is reminded by the first time they meet. He is reminded by the dream they all have, while Sasuke’s dream has been accomplished, he doesn’t know what he’s next dream is, thus he asks Sasuke what it is.

He doesn’t answer because he might not know yet. However, the time has come for Madara to show up, since both Obito and Madara appear from the dimension he was just in, this time with both Rinnegan and his body fully healed. Madara analysis the situation and looks upon all three of them, while Sakura is scared, she is reminded by Tsunade’s spirit that she enables her Mitotic Regeneration abilities.

She goes on and quickly uses herself as a diversion, she tries to punch but it’s quickly blocked, even Sasuke and Naruto’s attacks are blocked as Sasuke can now see Four Limbo Madara clones. Up next Madara creates multiple black holes and creates Planetary Devastation and unleashes them upon the face of the Earth.

Naruto’s clones takes care of the Limbo while Sasuke and the real Naruto go on to use their powers such as Susanoo and Rasen-Shuriken to destroy the large rocks falling down. There is no end to them as Madara quickly breaks off part of his head band and unleashes his third eye, the all-seeing eye.

Madara points it towards the moon and quickly chants and unleashes the Infinite Tsukuyomi as it seems that it’s finally time for him to use this ability to put everyone under his control. He does so and unleashes it’s power while Naruto and others still fight. Naruto Shippuden 425 ends here.

A fantastic episode indeed as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura finally fight as a team, however as such a time, how can they fight against such a strong opponent. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 426, titled “The Infinite Tsukuyomi”, when we see Kaguya Otsutsuki take over as the Infinite Tsukuyomi takes over the whole world.

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