Eclipse Gate Destroyed! Future Lucy’s Notebook – Fairy Tail 336


Fairy Tail 336 gets back to the point as Natsu and Future Rogue once again keep on fighting to their fullest. Everyone else is fighting trying to kill their faced opponents. Lucy goes back to everyone telling them that she’s discovered if the Eclipse Gate is broken, Future Rogue won’t be able to come out of it. Natsu and Future Rogue fight until they’re pushed through the castle which in turns destroys the Eclipse. Will Future Rogue disappear or will he still live?

Fairy Tail 336 begins with everyone fighting back, Dragon slayers concentrate on the main dragons while everyone else concentrate on the smaller ones. Carla is asked if she did this, she tells them that it wasn’t her. The princess is told that she should retreat to a safer place while they cover her. Hisui tells them that she wants to stay and see this through to the end.

Lucy runs towards them telling them that they have to see the book she holds in her hand. She tells them it’s her Future Lucy’s book, Yukino reads that if the gate was to be destroyed in this time, the existence of her in the future should cease to exist, they work out that if this is the same for her, Future Rogue should also have the same effect. Hisui asks if it’s possible to stop something that has already happened. Carla mentions that it’s worth a try, Arcadios mentions that there is still one major hurdle, how they should destroy the Eclipse Gate.

Yukino and Lucy mention that they’ll just smash it to pieces with their magic. After doing their part, the gate doesn’t seem to be affect one bit. Arcadios mentions that it’s made out of Maginium which is resistance to magic, it’s easier said than done on their part. Natsu and Future keep on sparring. With a strike from Natsu, he tells him to go back to where he came from. Future Rogue mentions that he has no such intention.

Natsu asks what will happen to the current Rogue if he doesn’t, he mentions that in time, they’ll just become one, just like how shadow overlaps, they’ll become one. He goes on to mention that as long as Acnologia is still alive, there is no future for anyone, thus he’ll have to steal Rogue’s future in order to do this. This is the reason why he to this timeline.

Future Rogue turns into a shadow and strikes Natsu from the ground which pushes him back to the point where he could easily fall down. Natsu asks about Frosch, Future Rogue without hesitation that he’s dead, while he’s still alive in this timeline. Natsu mentions that he’s in a world full of danger because of him. Without hesitation, he mentions that either way, he’s going to die, it happens in about a year he thinks.

Natsu mentions that he couldn’t protect him, this is why he died. However at this point he still lives, Natsu tries to get Future Rogue to get a little emotional and break his will this way but it doesn’t seem to be working. Future Rogue mentions that he’s no longer the man who plays round with cats, Natsu goes for his attack, Future Rogue tries to counterattack, Future Rogue mentions that even if he’s gotten himself on some hope, Natsu keeps on heading for him while Future Rogue releases his attacks which miss Natsu’s body.

Future Rogue mentions that equality for everyone is nothing but a dream, telling him to grow up. Natsu replies by telling him that they have the right to choose their own future,they should be allowed to walk their own path, not the future he decides. Atlas Flames appears behind him, he then gives him a boost of energy, Natsu eats and heads towards Future Rogue, to which he smashes with his fullest speed. He mentions that they should not need to know anything about tomorrow, this is because they can live today to their fullest.

Both of them, as well as the dragons head towards the ground. Lucy and Yukino keep on trying, they head a large rumbling noise, from nowhere, Mothergrea and Future Rogue both smash themselves onto the Eclipse Gate breaking it into a million pieces. We see Natsu pushing back an unconscious Future Rogue, Lucy and the others celebrate the breaking of the gate. Fairy Tail 336 ends here.

A good chapter, however after knowing that breaking the gate will do such a thing to the timeline, it was nothing more than connecting the lines and seeing how the dragons themselves will sit on top of it to break. Even if they gate is broken, It’s most likely that Future Rogue will not disappear. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 337, titled “The Golden Plains”.

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