A Tribute to Akatsuki Members – Who’s Your Favorite?

These Ten Characters were the Elite Members of the Akatsuki. Like most of us Naruto Fans, we thought that the Akatsuki were a fantastic group which had some fantastic characters such as Deidara and Kisame who had the ability to kick some ass. Even though most of them are now dead, we know that during the Fourth Shinobi War, they have come back using the Edo Tensei (Impure World Resurrection/Reanimation) to get revenge for their death. The question is:

Which Akatsuki members is your favorite and why? Do they have an incredible power, or was is just their looks?

The above image was drawn by the fantastic artist, theyahikodark710. You should definitely check some of he’s fantastic Naruto fan art. Use the comment box below to tell me what you think about the question as well as the fantastic fan art.


There are 13 comments

    1. Sunite

      Yeah Agree, he’s always quite so he’s got time to think of cool quotes lool… Plus he’s really clever, before he died, he actually did things to help after he died.. e.g. with Sasuke and the Mangekyou Sharingan… and also gave Sasuke the Amaterasu when he Tobi tried to take his mask off…


      1. dreager1

        and now he’s finally getting a big fight again. Sadly it seems we’ll never see him hhave an all out 1 on 1 fight (Since with Sasuke he was dying And holding back) Maybe he’ll survive this and become a main character 😀


        1. Sunite

          The thing is that he’s died and he’s basically now like a doll because the only thing keeping him alive is that Kunai with a bit of paper on it.. So it’s most likely that he’s going to die pretty soon, mostly after telling Sasuke about the story etc…


  1. eveningrose

    Hm… It is so hard to pick…I really like the Akatsuki! I think Tobi or Zetsu. >:) I will never forget how well he was able to act around like a fool (his famous “Good boy”) and turned out to be someone like that. Awesome! Zetsu may not be someone who fights a lot in terms in the anime but without him intel will be hard for the Akatsuki. His mastery for blending in and appearing out of nowhere is so him. He is bad ass when he infiltrated the meeting of the Kages. m/ ^_^ Cool!


    1. Sunite

      Lol yeah it’s hard… plus Tobi and Zetsu are the characters who haven’t yet died with Hidan in a hole somewhere. But i think Black Zetsu’s died by the hands of Sasuke and White Sasuke still lives… Zetsu’s probably made by Tobi himself or something.. Don’t know where he came from, they might need to go and explain where he came from or how he was made… Same for Tobi… WHO IS HE?! hah


      1. eveningrose

        AHAHA! So true! Hidan is so funny by the way he talks. Their origin is quite in confusing. I have a feeling an explanation will soon appear.>:) I thought Tobi was good looking when he first appeared. -_- Its sad that almost all of them are dead.


  2. Crystal

    That’s a tough one. I think I’ll go with…Itachi and Sasori. Both very competent and calm shinobi, both very well verse in their field. Itachi has that down to business mode, and seriousness that just draws you in, rather than turn you away. He has an air of tragedy about him, when the story progresses on. And that just makes you love him even more. Sasori on the other hand, is good looking in the first place. Not that Itachi isn’t but Sasori’s looks are more direct than Itachi’s, whose looks are more subtle. What I like is his red hair, and that attitude that Sasori has when he takes on his opponents, not forgetting also his fetish for art. I really love those parts. He really is committed to it, and I don’t blame him. I think Sasori’s madness is that one that draws me in, while Itachi’s pain draws me in. All in all, I like boys who are mad and tragic at the same time. If you look at it, they both have tragic back stories. Heh…


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