Boruto Cheats! Enemy Approaches – Boruto 4

Boruto 4 see’s the continuation of the Chunin exam, while enemies slowly approach their game in order to fight against Naruto to take Kurama’s chakra. Boruto isn’t able to fight using his own powers, thus relies on the power of the hand band as he uses it to defeat the enemies he faces, but Naruto spots it.

Boruto 4 was a pretty good chapter, it follows the movie quite well, since the chapter is quite long, I’ll summarise it using bullet points shown below:

  • Naruto waits for answer based on who won and lost, Shikamaru walks in and tells him that Boruto and others got through to the next stage.
  • Shikamaru also mentions that Shikadai and others have also passed, so they may fight. Shikamaru leaves and Naruto is happy that he passed.
  • Sasuke and Naruto talk about the scroll, they need to decipher the scroll. Sasuke is about to leave, Naruto asks if he’s been training Boruto, to which Naruto mentions that it’s like what he said “The essence of a ninja never changes.”
  • Boruto gets home, he gets congratulated by his family, but quickly goes to his room. Naruto appears, he’s there to congratulate him, to which he does and also tells him that when there is something important to say, he has to come all the way.
  • Naruto goes to fist bump him, but Boruto cannot as he wears the bracelet which allows him to cheat. Nevertheless, he’s happy that Naruto came to say what he did.
  • The next day, the exams begin, Rock Lee introduces everyone, as the battle commences. Boruto fights Yurui, they battle but Boruto relies on his bracelet to get this win.
  • Sarada also win,s Shikari defeats Yodo, Mitsuki defeats Toroi, Araya defeats Inojin, Shinki also defeats Chocho.
  • Next up we have Shikadai vs Boruto, Shikamaru and Naruto have a bit of banter on who they think will win.
  • It seems like Shikadai will win but Boruto uses the bracelet again and creates a bunch of Shadow Clones which forces Shikadai to call it quits.
  • Naruto notices the bracelet and thus is angered, elsewhere we see that Sasuke has noticed something and thus has to get in contact with Naruto as soon as possible.
  • Naruto confronts Boruto, he doesn’t have the best face, Boruto tries to fist bump Naruto but Naruto goes to see what Boruto did instead, he asks whats going on.
  • Momoshiki and Kinshiki get closer to the exam grounds as they’re hunting down for Kurama as they notice Naruto there too, they’re coming to get him.

The chapter ends there, seems like we’ll be getting some fighting in the next chapter, it’s definitely going to be a dope chapter if you’ve watched the movie. Can’t wait to see what happens in Boruto 5, should be good.

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    1. Sunite

      Exactly, but I guess they wanted to speed up the chapter and end in a high. Shame that only Borutos fight was focused on. It’s as thought there aren’t any other popular characters except for Boruto, stupid really. I would have wanted to see that Shinki(sand guy) guys fight.

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  1. jiraiyan

    Reblogged this on Otaku Orbit and commented:
    I can’t wait till Boruto gets past the movie. They missed an opportunity to show the skills of this generation more during the chuunin exam. Anyway, enjoy the review from dailyanimeart.


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