Sasuke’s Rescue! Obito’s Effort – Naruto Shippuden 470

Naruto Shippuden 470 returns to the main canon works as Sasuke’s rescue comes into play with the help of Obito and Sakura. We see Kaguya fight against Naruto, even with the hundreds of Naruto clones which she has to face. Obito’s efforts is shown as Sasuke uses his swap ability given to him using his Sharingan.

Naruto Shippuden 470 begins as Obito explains his plan to go through Kaguya’s dimension using Kamui. Both Naruto and Sakura will accompany him. Obito begins to remember the time he talked to Naruto on becoming a better person and a Hokage. Kaguya notices them, but doesn’t acknowledge them.

Naruto gets ready as he uses one of the Tailed Beasts chakra to melt the ice as Kaguya gets closer. Naruto and Kaguya both attack, Kaguya is pushed away into an ice wall. Kurama now gives Naruto some chakra to which he creates a bunch of Shadow Clones. Kaguya begins her fight against them, Naruto tries to initiate his Uzumaki Naruto Barrage! She thus tries to escape, Obito uses his technique, real Naruto tries to go but fails.

Elsewhere, we see Naruto, along with Kaguya and Zetsu. Naruto is alone, to which Kaguya quickly gets rid of him as they think he’s the real one. She agrees after discussing with Zetsu. Naruto’s hit by an bone attack, to which Naruto’s body turn into ash.  Thus Sakura and Obito appears. They must quickly begin to try and get Sasuke back.

We see a few moments where Sakura repeats her thing about putting Naruto in trouble with all the things she’s made her do things. Kaguya returns and notices that none of the clones have disappeared. Seems like the real Naruto is still there. Naruto notices all that has happened after the Naruto clones that died poofs. He had told Obito and Sakura to hide for a bit.

Sakura and Obito begin as she gives him her chakra. Trying to open a portal takes a toll on all of them. Seems like just opening one takes a lot of chakra. They see the lava world. Sasuke tries to look for the spot he was transported from. Obito opens another with stones on the ground. Every time Kaguya opens up a dimension, Naruto can get closer to Kaguya, thus she doesn’t anymore.

Obito opens a world with nothing but water which is acidic. It touches Sakura but she’s okay to carry on. Obito opens up and notices Sakura on the other side. Sasuke runs towards it, both of them don’t have much chakra left. The portal closes just as his about to get in. But as Sakura is about to fall, he appears as he used his special technique which allowed him to swap with the clothing Sakura removed. Naruto Shippuden 470 ends with Sasuke getting back to them.

A pretty good chapter, seems like we’ll be getting back to the canon episodes as Kaguya is angry, plus it seems like we’ll be seeing someone die, we’ll you can guess that just from this episode. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 471, titled “The Two of Them… Always”, should be a good episode.

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    1. Sunite

      I think they did a decent effort, the bright green makes the screencaps stand out. I heard that Naruto Shippuden will show more book-based animated stuff, e.g. Itachi’s Shinden, but for other members. Which should extend the series, I just hope that it happens after the canon ends.

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  1. Hugo

    This war arc take too long time to end ? It’s maybe my favorite arc , it’s true , but the time for ending , 4-5 years , it’s more than the arrancar arc in bleach anime .


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