Fairy Tail 497 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 497 dropped a few interesting spoilers in regards to the coming battles Fairy Tail will face. If you’d like to know what they are, keep reading, otherwise stop as spoilers ahead.

Fairy Tail 497 begins as Mavis’ Fairy Heart is being taken away from her, she is told by Eileen that her pride must be in a fragile state, along with her mind. Eileen has some troubles using separation enchantments on Mavis. Zeref walks into the room to see the progress, Zeref mentions that he doesn’t want Mavis to suffer, Eileen tells him that they need to throw away kindness.

Zeref leaves the room when Neinhart appears into the room to report that they’ve found Erza. Eileen tells Neinhart to use his Historia to get rid of her, but they’re too weak. Neinhart it told to do it by himself.

Gildarts jumps up and runs towards many enemy members, this is when we see that he smashes the ground and disperses the enemy. Elsewhere, with Natsu and others, they are confronted by Invel who quickly freezes them in place. He even freeze the flame Natsu breaths, he is able to stop most of them except for Gray who is also known to the be of ice nature.

Invel tells Gray that his cold will not be able to surpass his winter! The chapter ends with “Invel… Lord of the Winter, which surpasses even “Absolute Zero”!” Seems like a fantastic chapter that we’re about to get. Gray vs Invel, cold vs cold will be fantastic to read. Look’s like Fairy Tail 498 will be called “Gray vs Invel!”

So what are your thoughts on these spoilers of this chapter, go ahead and use the comment section below, these spoilers were posted by the folks at MangaHelpers.

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