Gildarts vs God Serena! Battle Begins – Fairy Tail 495

Fairy Tail 495 see’s the start of the upcoming match which is Gildarts vs God Serena as the others are unable to effectively fight against the strongest mage in Ishgar. Gildarts returns spectacularly after Natsu and others are pushed back by the numerous attacks by God Serena. Gildarts is hungry and wants to return to the guild for some food.

Fairy Tail 495 begins see’s members of Fairy Tail as they stare t the vast army. They can see their guild all the way from where they are. Everyone gets ready as it seems like they’re about to attack head on. They need to push the line in order to get to the guild. Gray puts a challenge to Natsu to see who can take down Zeref first, but Natsu’s stomach growls.

Happy remembers that if Zeref dies, so will Natsu. He then remembers that he won’t let Happy die no matter what. Natsu gets pumped. Natsu attacks using his Fire Dragon King’s Demolition Fist. Lucy uses her Taurus attack. Juvia uses her water slicer, Gray uses his Freeze Lancer. Erza requips with her Heaven’s Wheel Bluemen Blatt.

Wendy, along with so many other members of other guilds also join in the fights. Other members of Fairy Tail who were making their way also join in. Out of nowhere, we see large dragon-like animals show up, we then see God Serena show up from them, he introduces himself and tells them they won’t be going any further.

God Serena fires up his blazing hell attack which Natsu see’s as food, which he clearly eats up right away. God Serena notices and then attacks mixing his fire and water attacks which pushes everything and everyone away. They’re unable to fight it. God Serena prepares to attack as he uses his “Song of the Wind and Moon” against them.

However, out of nowhere, the attack disappears as the ground splits up dispersing all of the attacks which God Serena used. From the smoke that was created, we see a silhouette of a man, it’s revealed to be none other than Gildarts! Everyone is happy to see him except for God Serena. He mentions that he’s hungry, so he’s going back to the guild. Fairy Tail 495 ends here.

A dope chapter as we see Gildarts show up, plus it seems like he’ll be fighting against God Serena, which is going to reveal who truly is the strongest in Ishgar. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Fairy Tail 496, titled “Forward”, can’t wait for this!

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