Fairy Tail 495 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 495 manga spoilers and previews have dropped online, it seems like the whole chapter hasn’t been posted, but it seems like it’ll be another great one. If you’d like to know what’ll happen, be sure to read on, otherwise be aware that manga spoilers awaits you.

Before the chapter begins, this chapter celebrates 10 Year of Fairy Tail manga chapters, this issue includes celebratory images from other manga authors of certain Fairy Tail characters.

Fairy Tail 495 see’s members of Fairy Tail as they stare and look at the vast number of soldiers that belong to the Alvarez Kingdom. It seems like it’ll be hard for them to even get close to Fairy Tail. They discuss how they should go about getting through.

All while Happy remembers what Zeref said, in terms of if Zeref dies, Natsu will also end up dying. Natsu gets ready as he’s all powered up to attack. Natsu and Gray even challenge one another to figure out who can take down Zeref first, seems like Natsu’s also hungry. Their attack begins upon the soldiers of the Alvarez Kingdom.

As Natsu battles the soldiers, we see God Serena show up in order to battle against Natsu. God Serena tries to use his flames as he’s also a Dragon Slayer, Natsu begins to fill himself up with the flames of God Serena as he’s quite hungry. He finds it hard to eat it before Gildarts shows up.

Gildarts use “Ginfu Rogetsu” (translation unknown) which allows him to break up the ground and disperse all of God Serena’s magic powers. Gildarts also mentions that he’s hungry too, and that they all should head back to the guild.

Fairy Tail 495 ends here with Gildarts, seems like the chapter ends with the strongest Fairy Tail member bearing his fangs upon the HQ along with the Alvarez an Spriggan folks. Fairy Tail 496 will be titled “Underway”. Chapter images and some summary were retrieved from MangaHelpers.

So what do you think? Go ahead and comment telling us what you think of the chapter itself, seems like it’ll be a pretty dope chapter when released.

What do you think?

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