Sad Anime Scenes are Upsetting

This post will cover day 12 of the anime challenge answering the question of the “saddest anime scene”. Before I begin to talk about scenes that may have been somewhat upsetting, I’d like to mention that I don’t usually watch anime which include sad moments. I usually watch action-based anime which are minimal on the sadness scale.

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Yachiru Unohana by AlnabaSo let’s begin. First and foremost, when it comes to sad scenes, usually it could mean anything from losing a fight to someone dying. Within the world of Bleach, we see many individuals who fight and die within battles. From this series, a battle that truly made me feel like more could have been done or another way could have been found was the fight of Zaraki vs Unohana.

Unohana was someone who from the very start I trusted as a captain, she was the medic who tried her best to save as many as she could in order to keep on protecting. On top of which, her past as one of the strongest Shinigami was on halt when Zaraki arrived.

Unohana’s death for the greater good was also something I didn’t see coming. She was pretty cool, however her death was truly sad. Since her abilities to do so much, along with her Bankai, was something that I would have wanted to see more of within the upcoming war against the Quincy.

Jiraiya by Furby0305The second scene which was very similar to this was within Naruto when we all saw the death of a great person, Jiraiya. Just like Unohana, Jiraiya was also very important to the series. His death was something unexpected. He went to deal and stop Pain, but this just meant that his own students killed the teacher.

On top of which, the reason why I chose Jiraiya was that he has always been seen as someone who was awesome. His endless experience and the fact that he was like an old man to a lot of people is something that a lot of people would hold dear.

So as it seems, two deaths are pretty saddening. However, next up is from the anime One Piece. The anime itself has a bunch of different episodes to pick something sad from. The part of the anime I’d like to pick is, the death of the Going Merry.

Going Merry by bnnnn

The Going Merry, the first ship of the Straw Hat Pirates that was used to move around the East Blue into Water 7. Then replaced by a brand new ship called the Thousand Sunny. The way in which such a magnificent and homely ship aided the Straw Hats from all kinds of danger and allowed them to build their bounties as well as to make it their home is something that I found fantastic.

The last few moments of the Going Merry was, well, upsetting. Seeing it go, being burnt and having a proper funeral was something that I found to be both upsetting and an end to a chapter. The last few moments with Going Merry as well as the Klbautermann (water spirits that dwell in ships), was something I thought to be quite saddening.

Overall, I think the events which take part in the anime One Piece are something that would make anyone drop a tear or two. On top of which, I’m just about to watch the arc which includes Ace’s death. I’m around episode 460, so I still had ways to go till I’m all caught up.

Nevertheless, what do you guys think of this? Go ahead and comment down below telling us how you feel about this.

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  1. deucee9s2wylde

    I agree with Unohana, especially with the Going Merry being among the saddest losses of their respective series/franchises. As for Jiriyah-sensei, although his death was a great loss to the series, I believe that Neji’s death was more a emotional one. The fact that he died right in front of both Naruto and Hinata, saving both their lives in the process, that just really hit the top of the Sad meter.


    1. Sunite

      Oh I completely forgot about Neji. His death was very upsetting indeed, alot of the others were shocked at what he did. But ultimately it was used as a way to get stronger and kick Madara’s ass.


    2. Lelethu

      Neji’s death was very sad indeed and what made it more sad was seeing Lee cry genuinely while he held him in his arms and then closes Neji’s eyes.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    Unohana was a sad and unexpected one. I really wanted to see her fight the Quincy. But I guess we’ll see her fight during the first blood war. Jirayas death was pretty sad. So was Nejis and Itachis. Gins death was the saddest for me. Especially Rangiku’s reaction to his death.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Ya. Whenever I see his death, I always tear up. Considering both his character poems and Rangiku’s character poem are about their relationship.


  3. renxkyoko

    The most sad for me was not from anime or manga , but from a video game. A dam of tears broke out, and I remember crying for over a month ( every time I’d remember ). It was a game that I played for 1000 hours.


  4. dreager1

    I also typically avoid anime that are known for being extremely sad. It’s not really my thing and I watch anime because they are so hype inducing and make me excited and ready to face the next day. I can’t say that I’ve ever cried during an anime scene, but The Going Merry’s passing was probably the most emotional that I can think of or maybe even Usopp being beaten by the Franky family. That being said, the scenes make me more angry than sad, which maybe makes it not count. I wanted Luffy and friends to avenge the Going Merry once Lucci started to mess with it.

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      1. dreager1

        It probably is and I definitely look forward to seeing it soon, but I haven’t seen it in the anime version yet since the dub is so far behind. I saw it in the manga, but since I was still in fast blast mode at that point, it didn’t have the same emotional knock that I got from the Sunny passing. Of course, I expect the anime to change that and I could definitely see it being the saddest moment by the end.


  5. nickdunnaquatic

    Probably the one scene that will always get me to cry is Littlefoots mothers death. I tried when I first saw it way back in 1st grade, and I still do to this day.


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