Noragami Aragoto (Review)

Noragami Aragoto, the second season of Noragami ended with a blast. I absolutely loved the first season, and a second season is nothing more than amazing. This review will cover what I thought about the series in its briefest form. I’d like to begin by saying that the opening song for this series is just magnificent.

Noragami Aragoto Season 2

Noragami Aragoto was a fantastic series that I would highly recommend to anyone. The story covers Yato and Bishamon at first but then moves on to Ebisu and the underworld. It’s quite varied as it covers two main major arcs from author. I quite liked the whole concept of Yato being forgotten, however when he received his own small shrine, it was pretty touching.

The art is pretty good, just like the first season, it follows through here and the awesome design when they draw their eyes is just like always. The sound used was pretty awesome too, as mentioned previously, the opening song, Kyouran Hey Kids by The Oral Cigarettes, is magnificent. It’s one of those songs that goes very well with the series itself.

Yato and the other characters also don’t quite change compared to the first season. Yato, Bishamon, Yukine, Hiyori are all awesome. There was even a moment between Yato and Hiyori which could show something that may occur in the future. Overall, there was some good character development, even introduced us to a new bad guy.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series, it was great to once again see the awesomeness that is Noragami. I really liked the first season, but the second was even better. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing more of this series. I’d like to rate this series a fantastic: 8.5 out of 10.

Nevertheless, what is everyone’s thoughts on this series? If you’ve watched this show, be sure to go ahead and tell us what you think. Otherwise, if you feel like watching it, do so because I highly recommend it.

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    1. Sunite

      Totally agree with you there, this show is fantastic, I don’t think I can say that enough. I’d love to see a third season with the new bad guy in the last episode, opens up a lot of new doors and what had happened with Hiyori and him. Just magnificent, I like where it’s going.


  1. Ka-chan

    I personally loved this series as well! There is just something about the story and the characters that keep bringing me back. It is an anime that I recommend to everyone who has not watched it yet.


  2. Artemis

    Overall I also really enjoyed this second season of Noragami. I do think the first half of it was much stronger than the second though. The story in the first half felt extremely focused, the pacing really tight, and the emotional impact strong. In contrast I just wasn’t feeling the second half anywhere near as much – probably at least in part because Noragami works better (at least for me) when the main characters function as a trio. With Yukine and especially Hiyori shunted off the side for a storyline that really didn’t involve either of them all that much, the story in the second half felt significantly weaker. That said, it was still a very solid show as a whole, and I’m really looking forward to the third season whenever that comes out. 🙂


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