Deadman and the Bird – Izuru Kira and Lille Barro

Izuru Kira, the Deadman, against Lille Barro, who grew into a God but to fall to become a bird. After the deadly attack Izuru faced, he now faces Lille who was once became a God, but the attacked faced by a godly weapon, rendered him useless as he fell from the sky.

Bleach Izura Kira Lille Barro by Why2Be

A pretty interesting and wonderful piece of fan art by Why2be who has a number of fantastic looking art work based on Bleach and other another anime. If you like this distinct anime fan art, be sure to check them out. Otherwise go ahead and share it with other fans of the series, or others who will find it interesting to look at.

There are 2 comments

  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I’m really wondering what Kubo is going for with this match up. Will Izuru go Bankai and defeat Lille? Or will Lille overpower him and find a way to get his halo back and kill Izuru.


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