Anime Character I’m Similar To

After a long hiatus on the anime challenge, I am back and will be able to answer more of these, so this post answers the question of which anime character I think I am most similar to. I’d like to mention that it’s somewhat hard to evaluate myself and find out the type of person I am but I’m sure I can come up with someone for this post.

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So I’d like to explain myself as someone who is flexible in any situation, I try my hardest and find ways to do things, and usually it turns out to be well done. I like things when they’re well presented, that Is usually why I try to keep things up to standard. What I’ve just explained is a little bit broad, but then again, it leaves spaces for me to relate to some of the individuals below.

KibaSo lets, begin, within the Naruto universe, somehow I see myself most relate to Kiba Inuzuka. He seems to be someone who he quite lazy, but when he’s determined to do something, he usually goes all out and gives it 100%.

While also having Akamaru at his side, he’s someone who always has support from him too. On top of which, I would also like to have a dog in the future, although I have never had one in the past, so in the future, maybe you’ll see me with my own Akamaru.  Nevertheless, Kiba looks like a good choice for me.

So within the Bleach universe, I don’t quite think there are any individuals who have any large similarities to me, however things like Ishida’s thoroughness is something that I think I have but then again, it’s hard for anyone to evaluate themselves in such a manner.

Yoji Itami

Lately I’ve been watching an anime called GATE, if you haven’t heard of it, I’d highly suggest you guys checking it out. The anime features Yoji Itami who is known to be the protagonist of the show, he’s an otaku and a fan of anime, manga and so on. He is someone who loves doing things, but is known as a first lieutenant in this series.

He discovers a world full of different animals and species who he loves it as it’s similar to what he’s into. Although I am nowhere near in love with such fandom to Itami’s extent, I think that for this article, Itami is a good representation for who I think I could potentially be most similar towards.

So what is your opinion? Which anime character do you think you are most similar to? Go on ahead and comment down below telling us who you think you are most similar to.

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  1. trinin ninja

    I would say I’m similar to Uryu from Bleach because we both are somewhat very intelligent (compared to certain people around us) and are personalities are alike.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    Out if Bleach, I guess I’m a combination of Rukia and Ichigo. I can cheer people up and I don’t care who you are or what you do, if you want to be friends, I won’t turn down your offer. I’m kinda similar to Kiba as well. At least with his lazy self and giving a % 100, but I don’t brag like he does. I always did relate to Misty alot. Whenever I’m around water or sealing I go fanboy.


    1. Sunite

      Hah I can’t imagine anything between Ichigo and Rukia because I’m a IchixOrih fan lol. I never fully got into the Pokémon series so don’t quite know how Misty was.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Oh I’m not either. I see Rukia as a big sister to Ichigo. She encourages h the same way my older sister does for me. Misty kinda speaks her mind alot. She is deathly afraid of bugs (bug pokemon) and loves water pokemon and the ocean. We have alot in common.

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