Anime’s That Never Get Old

As part of the anime challenge, today I will answering day 14 asking the question of which anime never gets old no matter the number of times you’ve watched it. I watch a bunch of anime, old and new, even catch on those that I’ve missed like One Piece of Steins;Gate, so this question is a little hard because I usually never rewatch anime’s once I’ve seen them once.

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So to reiterate, once I watch an anime, I usually never go back to watch them again because usually the first viewing is the one that truly matters, a second or third usually points to things and clues you may notice that you’ll see and know what’ll happen next.

Usually the big anime’s such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z, are amazing that when you watch it once, you’d want to relive the moment when individuals within these Shonen anime’s such as fights or critical moments.

Those are usually what make it or break it for me when it comes to an anime, and it all depends on the first viewing that I may have. Lets start a little with Naruto.

Naruto vs GaaraNaruto as an anime is great, it’s full of mystery and an amazing plot which is supplemented by the anime, there are numerous times when I’ve gone back to an old fight and watch it through and just remembered the very first time I saw it.

This usually happened to me during the Naruto vs Gaara when Naruto tried to help both Sasuke and Sakura who were having their own trouble. This in turn led Gaara to re-evaluate himself into someone who isn’t a monster but in fact a friend and someone others can care about.

Image (2) ichigo_vs_grimmjow___collab_by_tremblaxx_arts-d5roe1j.jpg for post 13035This can highly relate to Bleach too, the fact that I kept on revisiting olds fights such as Zaraki vs Ichigo, the very first time, and also the Grimmjow battles as well as those including Ulquiorra were key for me, they were amazing, and re-watching those scenes were awesome.

In regards to Fairy Tail, I don’t think there are many fights I could go back and watch. With DBZ, the whole anime is basically one big fight, and with that in check I think revisiting some key battles such as Frieza, is amazingly doable, however they do last quite a while so it’s worth getting some popcorn, Doritos and dip, and a drink of course, because usually shit will always go down.

Recently, you may have heard of an anime that has been getting a lot of praise for how strong the main character is, his name is Saitama and the anime I’m obviously talking about is One Punch Man!

Saitama punchesThis anime rocks, it’s one of those I don’t care anime’s where anything and everything goes. His abilities and powers transcend even that of an alien (Boros). There is literally nothing Saitama cannot do, he is a human god. And the fact that I’m mentioning One Punch Man here and now means that I’m nominating One Punch Man as one of those anime’s where you can watch it endless times and never get tired because every time he shows up, an enemy will get their butts kicked!

So what do you think? Do you agree with me, or do you personally think there are better shows which are valued as those which you can rewatch a million times and you’d never get tired of. Comment below and tell me.

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    1. Sunite

      I’ve been reading the manga, both the original from the creator and the official one too. Both are really good. I think I check the originals once a day if he’s released a new one chapter, somehow this series has caught me.


        1. Sunite

          You should know that there are two version of OPM, the first is created by ONE and the second by Murata. The original webcomic of OPM is by ONE, while the official manga style is by Murata. I think you are reading Murata’s version. But if you ever want to read ONE’s original web comic which is ahead you can find it here Muratas version has slight differences comapred to ONE’s, storywise.


  1. dreager1

    Definitely agree. I haven’t seen One Punch Man yet of course, but Naruto and Bleach definitely have a lot of replay value along with DBZ. I’ve seen the original Naruto anime at least three times and the Bleach fights are still the best in biz.


  2. LitaKino

    I agree that all the big shows could never get old and anyone’s first anime they ever watched would never get old 🙂 I know mine won’t after watching it over 7 times 🙂


  3. josephbhwanah

    I never re-watch anime but ther is one exception & that is “Rurouni Kenshin”. Damn! this anime never gets old for me..I also do rewatch some anime battles when im bored & have no new anime to watch.Now that some of you have mentioned some few interesting anime i havent watched yet(One punch man & DBZ) i guess i’ll give them a shot


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