Zeref Teaches! Learning Magic – Fairy Tail 272

Fairy Tail 272 covers a few days and nights as Yuri, Warrod, Precht along with Mavis and Zera begin to learn magic with the help of Zeref in order to face and potentially defeat Blue Skull. They eventually get strong enough to be able to somehow get ready when Zeref eventually has to move on with his journey.

Fairy Tail 272 begins as we see Mavis blame herself for what happened, and thus goes on ahead to get some water, she meets Zeref when they talk. He mentions his condition when she clearly knows the curse that he has, especially after he destroys the jungle they’re in, she knows that it’s the Ankhseram Black Magic. Zeref is shocked as usually no one knows of it, the curse of contradiction.

He mentions that he cannot touch or care for anything or anyone. He begins to walk away when an animal begin to gather around him. It’s Mavis’ magic when she begins to try to cheer him up. Thus she asks him to teach them magic. He begins to tell them that Ethernanos is a magic around them.

They need to meditate and absorb in into their body, it’s a way of them gathering it and allowing them to use their own magic. Furthermore, the feelings of wizards is what makes them strong. Precht begins to gather the magic first, then Yuri with his moving around. Precht begins to practice his shooting magic.

Mavis and Zera also practice but they cannot yet, however Zera begins to make some fire magic. Yuri summons some lightning. A few days later, Warrod thinks that his magic is strength based. It seems that the past few days, they have been practising a lot, however Warrod is still unable to use his magic.

Warrod is upset, however Mavis goes on to tell him that he is not someone who is behind, and that both Yuri and Precht look up to him because he’s always being saved by him, and thus are practising hard. Warrod thus asks Zeref a supporting magic, he begins to learn about tree magic, and thus creates the biggest tree he can.

Mavis is still unable to  still get her magic to work, however she goes on ahead with Yuri, Precht and Warrod as they’re quite strong now. Zeref goes on ahead as she is confident in her current abilities to fight against Blue Skull. On top of which, we see them looking for Zeref, but he’s gone. Fairy Tail 272 ends here.

A pretty good episode, it seems like the arc is coming to somewhat a good ending with the invasion of Mavis and others onto Blue Skull as they battle through them in next week’s Fairy Tail 273, titled “Treasure”, can’t wait for what happens next. Should be awesome.

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