Favourite Anime Sidekick, Pet and Summoning

As part of the anime challenge, today I will be answering the question of who I think my favourite anime sidekick, pet and summoning. The actual question asks for just one character, however I’d like to talk about three individual who fit a sidekick, pet and summoning.

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So trying to find three individuals who are each a sidekick, pet and a summoning is a little hard based on the number of amazing characters that I’ve come across. I’ll be splitting this post into three different sections to cover the three different parts of this questions.

Anime Sidekick

So lets begin with a sidekicks. A lot of different shows have the main character, but with them we get to see a secondary character who is usually a sidekick of the main protagonist within an anime.

Within the worlds of Naruto, we don’t quite see a sidekick for Naruto, he goes usually alone or with a group of people like his friends then just does his own thing and kicks butt. However, within the world of Fairy Tail, we see a number of different faces but a sidekick such as Natsu and Lucy isn’t really a type of sidekick I’ve been thinking off

Rukia's Bankai White Mist Haze Header by DeohviBleach, potentially my favourite anime, we see that the most common sidekick is Rukia Kuchiki, when the whole series began, we see Ichigo and Rukia begin their journey as she even joins Ichigo at his school, both to help him learn as well as to fight the local Hollow’s in town. That is why I’m picking her as potentially the best sidekick early on in Bleach.

Anime Pet

There are many anime’s out there whereby they use pets in order to appeal to individuals who watch the show. One pretty awesome show that has a ton of pets is Pokemon, Ash had Pikachu who was always with him wherever he went. The other is Kiba and Akamaru who belong to the Naruto universe.

Ein and EdAnother is Kuro from the Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) anime, which is one hell of a kittie. Another is the amazing and cute corgi from Cowboy Bepop, Ein, who was best friends with Ed. There are a number of pets which belongs to this category.

However, there is another anime which I highly think deserves to be chosen as having the best pet, as chosen by me. That anime is Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail has what we know as Exceed’s, they are a race of talking cat like creatures who have the ability to grown into human-looking forms, they can also fly by the disappearing and appearing wings which appear by the use of magic.

Afro HappyThe specific character I’m talking about here is Happy. He is potentially the best the anime pet partner, he and Natsu met when Happy dropped from the sky. Natsu took care of his egg and nursed him till he grew up. Now they hang around everywhere, go on missions together, even sleep in the same house.

Happy is also pretty awesome, he’s random and loves fish. There isn’t a lot he can’t do, he makes everyone laugh, both he and Natsu have a bond that makes everything null because Happy and Natsu have a really strong relationship. On top of which, in the latest chapters, we see Happy and Natsu fighting Zeref. When everything is out in the open, Happy even prevents Natsu killing himself because Happy needs Natsu.

Anime Summoning

There aren’t a ton of anime’s which involve summoning, one which I can think of now is Fairy Tail. We see Lucy summon a ton of different celestial spirits just by using her keys. From Aquarius to Aries, she has a different sorts of gold and silver keys which she is able to summon and aid is her fight against them.

Lucy is cool and all, but I sometimes don’t take her seriously, all due to the fact that Fairy Tail usually has a lot of fan-service involving her and when that begins, I can never take her seriously after that.

Archer Unlimited Blade WorksAnother fantastic series which I watched was Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. I still have a lot of the show to watch, but the series is based on summoning your own hero where they fight for the holy grail. In turn we see a number of different characters get summoned by the different mage’s in the show.

So my favourite character from the show has to be Archer, he is awesome. From the fact that he’s been designed and animated so well as well as the fact that his power switches quite a few times. He is truly an amazing character, It’s hard to say exactly why but the way he’s also been scripted and developed is also pretty awesome. So he’s the third and character summoning individual within this post.

So to repeat, the first was Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach, the second is Happy from Fairy Tail, and the third is Archer from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

So what do you think? Do you think it’s a decent list or could you do better? Go on ahead and comment down below telling us all how you feel.

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